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Jim McNeely
Lickety Split: Music of Jim McNeely

Jerome Richardson
The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra: Thad Jones Legacy
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Johnnie Valentino: Searching Souls Thelonious Monk Mick Rossi, drums; Johnnie Valentino, guitar; Kermit Driscoll, bass; Billy Drewes, clarinet; Mick Rossi, piano; Rick Rossi, bass clarinet; Andy Laster, clarinet; Johnnie Valentino, mandolin; Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet; Trevor Ware, bass; Vinny Golia, clarinet; Vinny Golia, bass clarinet; Jimmy DiJulio, drums play
Lickety Split: Music of Jim McNeely Jim McNeely John Mosca, trombone; Dick Oatts, alto saxophone; Rich Perry, tenor saxophone; Earl Gardner; Douglas Purviance; Glenn Drewes; Joe Mosello; John Riley, drums; Vanguard Jazz Orchestra; Dennis Irwin, bass; Jim McNeely, piano; Ralph LaLama, tenor saxophone; Gary Smulyan, baritone saxophone; Billy Drewes, alto saxophone; Scott Wendholt, trumpet; Ed Neumeister, trombone play
The Vanguard Jazz Orchestra: Thad Jones Legacy Jerome Richardson Douglas Purviance, bass trombone; Glenn Drewes, trumpet; Joe Mosello, trumpet; Gary Smulyan, baritone saxophone; Gary Smulyan, flute; Ralph LaLama, tenor saxophone; Ralph LaLama, flute; Ralph LaLama, clarinet; Billy Drewes, alto saxophone; Billy Drewes, soprano saxophone; Billy Drewes, flute; Billy Drewes, clarinet; Dick Oatts, alto saxophone; Dick Oatts, soprano saxophone; Dick Oatts, flute; Jim McNeely, piano; Jason Jackson, trombone; Scott Wendholt, trumpet; Earl Gardner, trumpet; John Riley, drums; Dennis Irwin, bass; John Mosca, trombone; Ed Neumeister, trombone; Rich Perry, tenor saxophone; Rich Perry, flute; Vanguard Jazz Orchestra play
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