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Elizabeth Brown
Blue Minor - Chamber Music by Elizabeth Brown

John Harbison
John Harbison: Early Works
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Blue Minor - Chamber Music by Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Brown Elizabeth Brown, shakuhachi; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; Jo-Ann Sternberg, clarinet; Joshua Gordon, cello; Susan Walters, piano; Curtis Macomber, violin; Betty Hauck, viola; Gregory Hesselink, cello; Elizabeth Brown, flute; Joanna Jenner, violin; Dennis James, bass play
John Harbison: Early Works John Harbison D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano; Jay Humeston, cello; William Wiley, percussion; Rose Mary Harbison, violin; Jane Bryden, soprano; Karl Dan Sorensen, tenor; Betty Hauck, viola; Erica Miner, violin; Mark Baker, bass; Benjamin Carriel, percussion; Helen Harbison, electric cello; American Composers Orchestra; Robert Miller, piano; Gunther Schuller, Conductor; Cantata Singers and Ensemble; John Harbison, Conductor; Robert D. Levin, electric organ; Albert Regni, tenor saxophone; Helen Harbison, cello play
Music of John Harbison John Harbison Benjamin Carriel, percussion; Mark Baker, bass; The Wheaton Trio; John Harbison, Conductor; Victor Rosenbaum, piano; Erica Miner, violin; Betty Hauck, viola; Albert Regni, tenor saxophone; Karl Dan Sorensen, tenor; Jane Bryden, soprano; Nancy Cirillo, violin; Cantata Singers and Ensemble; Rose Mary Harbison, violin; William Wiley, percussion; Jay Humeston, cello; Robert D. Levin, electric organ; Helen Harbison, electric cello; D'Anna Fortunato, mezzo-soprano play
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