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William Kraft
An Encounter with the Music of William Kraft

Stephen Hartke
Stephen Hartke: Sons of Noah
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An Encounter with the Music of William Kraft William Kraft Terry Longshore, Roland Hansonic; Todd Barton, electronic valve instrument; Sheryl Staples, violin; Delores Stevens, piano; Barry Centanni, percussion; Brian Head, guitar; California State University Wind Symphony; Mitchell Fennell, Conductor; Terry Longshore, percussion; Jeffrey Parsons, harp; Sharan Leventhal, violin; Gloria Cheng, piano; Jeremy Haladyna, piano play
Stephen Hartke: Sons of Noah Stephen Hartke James Smith, mandolin; Emily Bernstein, bass clarinet; Roger Lebow, violoncello; Donald Crockett, Conductor; Steven Becknell, horn; Vicki Ray, piano; Elizabeth Baker, violin; Kazi Pitelka, viola; Bruce Morgenthaler, double bass; Leslie Reed, English horn; David Johnson, marimba; William Crockett, Conductor; Stephen Kujala, flute; Allen Savedoff, contrabassoon; Angela Wiegand, flute; Xtet; James Smith, guitar; William Wood, bassoon; Dave Riddles, bassoon; William Kanengiser, guitar; David Shostac, flute; Gary Woodward, flute; Lisa Stidham, soprano; Brian Head, guitar; John Steinmetz, bassoon; Gary Woodward, bass flute; John Dearman, guitar; Gary Woodward, alto flute play
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