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Richard Felciano
Richard Felciano: Chamber Works
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Berry/Basart/Goosen Robert Basart Alfio Pignotti, violin; William Henderson, piano; Janet Ketchum, flute; Myron Kartman, violin; Nathan Schwartz, piano; Margaret Moores, cello; Dady Mehta, piano; Steinerius Duo play
Richard Felciano: Chamber Works Richard Felciano Bertram Turetzky, double bass; Barbara Chaffe, flute; Sarah Cahill, piano; Roy Malan, violin; Joan Nagano, piano; Nancy Turetzky, piccolo; Nancy Turetzky, flute; Stephen Harrison, cello; Jean-Louis LeRoux, Conductor; Mike McCurdy, percussion; Nancy Turetzky, alto flute; Peter Josheff, clarinet; Julie Ann Giacobassi, English horn; Janet Ketchum, alto flute; Jeremy Bell, violin; Janet Ketchum, piccolo; Jennifer Stirling, viola; Janet Ketchum, flute; Mario Guarneri, trumpet; Paige Riggs, cello; The Stony Brook Chamber Players; Jane Galante, piano; Song-A Cho, violin; Anne Adams, harp; Nancy Turetzky, bass flute play
Winslow/Mamlok/Karchin Walter Winslow Jeanne Kostelic, soprano; Walter Winslow, piano; Janet Ketchum, flute; Benjamin Hudson, violin; Christopher Finckel, cello; Aleck Karis, piano; Rolf Schulte, violin; Fred Sherry, cello play
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