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Quincy Porter
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Adolphus/Pisk/Gerschefski/McBride: Music for Orchestra Edwin Gerschefski Wlodzimiertz Ormicki, Conductor; Jan Krenz, Conductor; Ladzistan Szostak, Conductor; H. Kiecki, clarinet; Polish National Radio Orchestra play
Diamond/Thorne: Orchestral Works David Diamond Polish National Radio Orchestra; Jan Krenz, Conductor; Francis Thorne, piano; William Strickland, Conductor play
Donovan/Bassett: Orchestral Works Richard Donovan Polish National Radio Orchestra; Jan Krenz, Conductor; Radio Z├╝rich Symphony Orchestra; Jonathan Sternberg, Conductor play
Music of Riegger, McPhee & Luening Wallingford Riegger Polish National Radio Orchestra; Jan Krenz, Conductor; Hessian Radio Symphony Orchestra; David Van Vactor, Conductor; Ralph Kneeream, organ play
Porter/Barati Quincy Porter Jan Krenz, Conductor; Jerry E. Sirucek, oboe; Wallace W. Hornibrook, harpsichord; Baroque Chamber Players of Indiana; Murray Grodner, double bass; James J. Pellerite, flute; Virginia Pleasants, harpsichord; Polish National Radio Orchestra; Jerry E. Sirucek, English horn play
Russell Smith/Lee Hoiby: Piano Cti Russell Smith Polish National Radio Orchestra; Andrzej Stefanski, piano; Jan Krenz, Conductor; John Atkins, piano play
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