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Christopher Walczak

Bernard Hoffer
Neoteric plays Hoffer
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Crossings Contemporary Music for Chinese Instruments Christopher Walczak Ling-Tzu Chang, sheng; Hsin-Fang Hsu, zheng; Eric Lenz, cello; Christopher Butler, percussion; Fang-Pin Lin, dizi ; Ching-Ling Huang, yangqin; Ying-Chun Chen, pipa; Cheng-Ying Chuang, zhongruan; Chi-Yuan Chung, zhongruan; Yu-Hsiu Liu, erhu; The Little Giant Chinese Chamber Orchestra; Chih-Sheng Chen, Conductor play
Neoteric plays Hoffer Bernard Hoffer Jennifer Presar, horn; Melissa Mackey, bassoon; Eric Lenz, cello; Neoteric; Heidi Louise Williams, piano; Meng-Shun Chi, viola; Christopher Morehouse, Conductor; Philip Brown, bass; Janka Mekis, violin; Michael Barta, violin; Eric Mandat, clarinet play
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