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George Rochberg
American Music for Viola & Piano

Bernard Herrmann
Chamber Music of Herrmann & Moross

Fisher Tull
Friends Play Fisher Tull
albums (3) works (6) tracks (22)
title composer artists/ensemble play
American Music for Viola & Piano George Rochberg Lawrence Wheeler, viola; Ruth Tomfohrde, piano play
Chamber Music of Herrmann & Moross Bernard Herrmann John Jensen, piano; Terry King, cello; Albert Muenzer, violin; Kevin Dvorak, cello; Kenneth Goldsmith, violin; Nancy Weems, piano; Jeffrey Lerner, clarinet; Lawrence Wheeler, viola; Eric Halen, violin play
Friends Play Fisher Tull Fisher Tull James Gardner, violin; Lawrence Wheeler, viola; Spring Hill, oboe; Timothy Tull, Conductor; Donald Theode, saxophone; Anthony Plog, trumpet; Randall Luster, clarinet; Ann Fairbanks, flute; Charlotte Tull, piano play
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