Cover for Benson Orchestra of Chicago, Vol. 1 1920-1921
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Benson Orchestra of Chicago, Vol. 1 1920-1921

Archeophone Records
Sep 1920 — Sep 1921

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play Railroad Blues 2:57 Charles Luckeyth (Luckey) Roberts    
play Chili Bean 2:56 Albert Von Tilzer    
play Oh Gee! Oh Gosh! (My Feet Won’t Behave) 3:08 Ernie Erdman; Edward Beck; Ralph A. Foote    
play Fair One 3:21 George Mallen; Walter Donaldson    
play I’d Love to Fall Asleep and Wake Up in My Mammy’s Arms 2:49 Fred E. Ahlert; M. K. Jerome    
play I Love You Sunday 3:20 Charley Straight    
play Biddy 2:48 John Stepan Zamecnik    
play My Little Bimbo 2:51 Walter Donaldson    
play Somebody 2:49 George A. Little; Harold A. Dellon; Rudy Wiedoeft    
play Toddle 3:02 Paul Biese; Frank Westphal; Jimmy Steiger    
play Scandinavia 2:55 Ray Perkins    
play San 2:59 Lindsay McPhail; Walter Michels    
play Ain’t We Got Fun 3:11 Richard A. Whiting    
play Crooning 3:15 William F. Caesar    
play I’ll Keep On Loving You 3:09 Vincent Rose    
play It Must Be Someone Like You 3:00 Charley Straight; Roy Bargy    
play Na-Jo 3:14 Rudy Wiedoeft; Walter Holliday    
play Bimini Bay 2:42 Gus Kahn; Raymond B. Egan; Richard A. Whiting    
play One Kiss 2:50 Earl Burtnett; Gus Arnheim    
play My Sunny Tennessee 3:13 Bert Kalmar; Harry Ruby; Herman Ruby    
play Wabash Blues 3:13 Dave Ringle; Fred Meinken    
play Ma! 2:40 Con Conrad    
play Just Like a Rainbow 2:50 Mary Earl; Ted Fiorito    
play No One’s Fool 3:07 Fred Rose    
play June Moon 2:58 Frank Magine; Charley Straight    
play Tuck Me to Sleep in My Old ’Tucky Home 3:11 Sam M. Lewis; Joe Young; George W. Meyer