Phonographic Yearbook: 1908

"Take Me Out to the Ball Game"

Archeophone Records
1907 — Sep 1908

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play As Long as the World Rolls On 3:41 George Graff, Jr.; Ernest R. Ball    
Alan Turner, baritone
Nov 1907

play Bon Bon Buddy 2:17 Alex Rogers; Will Marion Cook    
(The Chocolate Drop)
Billy Murray, tenor

play Down in Jungle Town 2:44 Edward Madden; Theodore Morse    
May 1908

play Are You Sincere? 2:41 Alfred Bryan; Albert Gumble    
Apr 1908

play Sunbonnet Sue 2:52 Will D. Cobb; Gus Edwards    
play Rainbow 2:50 Alfred Bryan; Percy Wenrich    
Circa 1908

play Cuddle Up a Little Closer, Lovey Mine 2:40 Otto Harbach; Karl L. Hoschna    
from "The Three Twins"
play Maxim's 3:03 Franz Leh├ír; Adrian Ross    
from "The Merry Widow"
Harry MacDonough, tenor
Feb 1908

play Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming 2:49 Stephen Foster    
play The Glow Worm 2:49 Paul Lincke    
Circa 1907

play I'm Afraid to Come Home in the Dark 2:56 Harry Williams; Egbert van Alstyne    
from "A Knight for a Day"
Billy Murray, tenor
Circa 1907

play Every Little Bit, Added to What You've Got, Makes Just a Little Bit More 2:32 William Dillon; Lawrence Dillon    
May 1907

play Don't Take Me Home 2:26 Vincent Bryan; Harry Von Tilzer    
Eddie Morton, baritone
Jul 1908

play When We Are M-A-Double-R-I-E-D 2:17 George M. Cohan    
Circa 1908

play The Herd Girl's Dream 2:46 August Labitzky    
play You Have Always Been the Same Old Pal 3:13 Ernest R. Ball    
Henry Burr, tenor
Circa 1908

play I Love You So 3:01 Adrian Ross    
from "The Merry Widow"
Dec 1907

play Under Any Old Flag at All 2:16 George M. Cohan    
Billy Murray, tenor
Circa 1908

play Dixie Dan 2:54 Will D. Cobb; Seymour Furth    
from "The Gay White Way"
Oct 1907

play I'm Wise 1:55 Harry Williams; Egbert van Alstyne    
Clarice Vance
Aug 1907

play Rah, Rah, Rah 2:14 C. M. Chapel    
play Glow Worm: Intermezzo 2:24 Paul Lincke    
Victor Orchestra; Walter B. Rogers, Conductor
Mar 1908

play My Dear 2:43 Dave Reed, Jr.; Ernest R. Ball    
Harry MacDonough, tenor
Oct 1907

play My Gal Irene 2:30 Benjamin Hapgood Burt    
Feb 1908

play Wouldn't You Like to Have Me for a Sweetheart 2:19 Wallace Irwin; Alfred G. Robyn    
from "Yankee Tourist"
Dec 1907

play Take Me Out to the Ball Game 2:21 Jack Norworth; Albert Von Tilzer