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Stephen Foster
Battle Pieces

Eubie Blake
Black Manhattan, Volume 2

J. Turner Layton
Black Manhattan: Theater and Dance Music of James Reese Europe, Will Marion Cook, and Members of the Legendary Clef Club

Jean Schwartz
Don't Give the Name a Bad Place: Types and Stereotypes in American Musical Theater, 1870-1900

John William Boone
Fi-yer! A Century of African-American Song

Chas. Hunn
Lost Sounds
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Battle Pieces Stephen Foster George Shirley, tenor; William Bolcom, piano play
Black Manhattan, Volume 2 Eubie Blake Paragon Ragtime Orchestra; Rick Benjamin, Conductor; Bryony Stroud-Watson, violin; Thomas Rosenthal, viola; Alistair MacRae, cello; Mat Fieldes, bass; Leslie Cullen, flute; Leslie Cullen, piccolo; Alicia Lee, clarinet; Nathan Botts, cornet; Paul Murphy, cornet; Tim Albright, trombone; Diane Scott, piano; Mike Dobson, percussion; Arthur Sato, oboe; James Musto III, percussion; Edward Pleasant, baritone; Anita Johnson, soprano; Rick Benjamin, piano; Robert Mack, tenor; Linda Thompson Williams, contralto play
Black Manhattan: Theater and Dance Music of James Reese Europe, Will Marion Cook, and Members of the Legendary Clef Club J. Turner Layton Paragon Ragtime Orchestra; Johnson Brothers; Awet Andemicael, soprano; Edward Pleasant, baritone play
Don't Give the Name a Bad Place: Types and Stereotypes in American Musical Theater, 1870-1900 Jean Schwartz Dick Hyman, piano; Dick Hyman, Conductor; Clifford Jackson, tenor; Alan Sokoloff, tenor; Bernard Knee, baritone; Ralph Fields, tenor; Bobby Floyd, tenor; Charles Magruder, bass; Phil Olson, tenor; Rose Marie Jun, alto; Lois Winter, soprano; Danny Barker, baritone; Max Morath, tenor play
Fi-yer! A Century of African-American Song John William Boone Ann Sears, piano; William Brown, tenor play
Lost Sounds Blacks and the Birth of the Recording Industry 1891-1922 Chas. Hunn Unique Quartette; Standard Quartette; Oriole Quartette; Cousins and DeMoss; Sam Cousins; Ed DeMoss; Dinwiddie Colored Quartet; Polk Miller's Old South Quartette; Randall Graves, tenor; Fisk University Jubilee Quartet; John Wesley Work II, tenor; James Andrew Myers, tenor; Alfred Garfield King, bass; Noah Walker Ryder, bass; Apollo Jubilee Quartet; Right Quintette; James W. Loguen, tenor; Clarence Tisdale, tenor; James M. Thomas, baritone; James E. Lightfoot, bass; Leon Adger, piano; Four Harmony Kings; Ivan Browning, tenor; William A. Hann, bass; Charley Case, speaker; George W. Johnson; Louis Vasnier, speaker; Williams and Quinn's Imperial Minstrels Spencer; Len Spencer, speaker; Billy Williams, speaker; Williams and Walker; Bert Williams; George Walker; George W. Johnson, speaker; Bert Williams, baritone; Jack Johnson, speaker; Opal Cooper, tenor; Noble Sissle, tenor; Booker T. Washington, speaker; Thomas Craig, bass; Carroll Clark, baritone; Daisy Tapley, contralto; Roland Hayes, tenor; Harry T. Burleigh, baritone; Edward H.S. Boatner, baritone; Florence Cole-Talbert, soprano; William Leonard King, piano; R. Nathaniel Dett, piano; Clarence Cameron White, violin; Edward Sterling Wright, speaker; Europe's Society Orchestra; Joan Sawyer's Persian Garden Orchestra; Ciro's Club Coon Orchestra; Seth Jones, baritone; Wilbur Sweatman, clarinet; Emerson Trio; Memphis Pickaninny Band; Eubie Blake Trio; Eubie Blake, piano; Blake's Jazzone Orchestra; Wilbur Sweatman's Original Jazz Band; Lieutenant Jim Europe's 369th Infantry "Hell Fighters" Band; Dabney's Band; Handy's Memphis Blues Band play
Phonographic Yearbook: 1908 "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" Stephen Foster Alan Turner, baritone; Peerless Quartet; Albert Campbell, tenor; Henry Burr, tenor; Steve Porter, baritone; Billy Murray, tenor; Frank C. Stanley, bass; Arthur Collins, baritone; Byron G. Harlan, tenor; Elise Stevenson, soprano; Harry MacDonough, tenor; Haydn Quartet; John Bieling, tenor; S. H. Dudley, baritone; William F. Hooley, bass; Frank C. Stanley, baritone; Ada Jones, soprano; Lucy Isabelle Marsh, soprano; Eddie Morton, baritone; George Stehl, violin; Marshall Lufsky, flute; Paul Surth, harp; Clarice Vance; Victor Orchestra; Walter B. Rogers, Conductor play
Swing Along The Songs of Will Marion Cook Will Marion Cook William Brown, tenor; Ann Sears, piano play
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