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Lawrence Fritts
Bassoon Images from the Americas

Nicandro Tamez
Voces Internas

Robert Xavier Rodríguez
Voices of Change: Voces Americanas

Roberto Sierra
Without Borders
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Bassoon Images from the Americas Lawrence Fritts Benjamin Coelho, bassoon; William LaRue Jones, bassoon; Adam Grosso, percussion; Tadeu Coelho, flute; Daniel Moore, percussion play
Voces Internas Nicandro Tamez Jonathan Golove, cello; Stephen Manes, piano; Emilio Tamez, percussion play
Voices of Change: Voces Americanas Three Songs on Poems by Nicolas Guillen Robert Xavier Rodríguez Dwight Shambley, bass; Christopher Adkins, cello; Emanuel Borok, violin; Voices of Change; Jo Boatright, piano; Ross Powell, clarinet; James Rives-Jones, Conductor; Maria Schleuning, violin; Harvey Boatright, flute; Christine Schadeberg, soprano; Dwight Shambley, bass; Enric Madriguera, guitar; Howard Rogene, oboe; Virginia DuPuy, soprano; Deborah Mashburn, percussion play
Without Borders Roberto Sierra Cristina Valdes, piano; Asako Arai, flute; Ana Maria Tradatti, piano play
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