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Oh My Little Darling: Folk Song Types
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Oh My Little Darling: Folk Song Types Asa Martin, guitar; J. T. Allisons Sacred Harp Singers; Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Singers; The Sons of the Mountaineers; Guinn Foster, guitar; Nelstones Hawaiians; James Roberts, guitar; Arthur Tanner and His Blue Ridge Cornhuskers; Lonely Eagles; Dennis McGee, fiddle; Thaddeus C Willingham, banjo; Fiddlin' John Carson, fiddle; Hubert Nelson, guitar; James Touchstone, guitar; Mrs. Crockett Ward; Guinn Foster, harmonica; Roy Smeck, harmonica; Tom Clarence Ashley, guitar; Daddy John Love, guitar; Wesley Hargis, guitar; S. D. Courville, fiddle; Roy Smeck, guitar; J. T. Allison, voice; Fiddlin' John Carson, voice; Mrs. Lloyd Bare Hagie, voice; Mrs. Lena Bare Turbyfill, voice; Wesley Hargis, voice; Fields Ward, voice; Crockett Ward, voice; Almeda Riddle, voice; Wade Mainer, voice; Sarah Ogan, voice; Daddy John Love, voice; John I. White, voice; Ernest Phipps, voice; James Touchstone, voice; Hubert Nelson, voice; Tom Clarence Ashley, voice; Asa Martin, voice; Arthur Tanner, voice; Wilmer Watts, voice; Thaddeus C Willingham, voice; Dennis McGee, voice play
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