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Alice Gerrard: Follow The Music

Barton McLean
Barton McLean: Forgotten Shadows

Bloody War: Songs 1924-1939

Lawrence Gorman
Brave Boys: New England Traditions in Folk Music

Richard Adams
Brutal Reality

Abe Holzmann
Come and Trip It: Instrumental Dance Music, 1780's-1920's
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Alice Gerrard: Follow The Music Traditional Alice Gerrard, voice; Alice Gerrard, guitar; Alice Gerrard, banjo; Alice Gerrard, fiddle; Bobby Britt, fiddle; Brad Cook, voice; Brad Cook, bass; Phil Cook, voice; Phil Cook, banjo; Phil Cook, electric guitar; Phil Cook, piano; Rayna Gelbert, viola; Gail Gillespie, banjo; Kay Justice, guitar; Terry Lonergan, drums; Clelia Stefanini, fiddle; M.C. Taylor, guitar play
Barton McLean: Forgotten Shadows Barton McLean Barbara Dechario, harp; Barton McLean, keyboards; Priscilla McLean, percussion; Elisha Pantileo, recorded voice; Daniel Pantileo, recorded voice; Keith Notrab, percussion; Linda Greene, flute; E. Michael Richards, clarinet; NY Cincinnatus; Barton McLean, percussion; Keith Notrab, percussion; Linda Greene, flute; E. Michael Richards, clarinet; Barton McLean, piano; Barbara Dechario, harp; Hilda Allen, narrator; Victoria Green, narrator; Charles Bently, narrator; Priscilla McLean, soprano; Elisha Pantileo, voice; Daniel Pantileo, voice; Children of Petersburgh Cincinnatus recorded in play; Thomas Elkin, piano; Marjorie Wilbur, Conductor; "Big Mike" Eaton, fiddle; Richard Blair, music box; Earl Hewitt, musical saw; McLean Mix; Priscilla McLean, music box; Barton McLean, keyboards play
Bloody War: Songs 1924-1939 Zeke Morris, voice; Zeke Morris, guitar; Jimmy Yates' Boll Weevils; David Lischkoff, fiddle; Jimmy Yates, steel guitar; Alfred McCarty, guitar; Al Treadway, ukulele; Al Treadway, voice; Buell Kazee, voice; Bert Hirsch, violin; (not credited), piano; Carson Robison, guitar; Coley Jones, voice; Coley Jones, guitar; Tom Darby & Jimmie Tarlton; Jimmie Tarlton, steel guitar; Jimmie Tarlton, voice; Tom Darby, guitar; Tom Darby, voice; Red Patterson's Piedmont Log Rollers; Percy Setliff, fiddle; John Fletcher 'Red" Patterson, banjo; John Fletcher 'Red" Patterson, voice; Dick Nolen, tenor banjo; Lee Nolen, guitar; Frank Hutchison, harmonica; Frank Hutchison, guitar; Fiddlin' John Carson & His Virginia Reelers; Dixon Brothers; Howard Dixon, steel guitar; Howard Dixon, voice; Dorsey Dixon, guitar; Dorsey Dixon, voice; Mutt Evans, guitar; Mutt Evans, voice; Earl Johnson & His Clodhoppers; Earl Johnson, fiddle; Earl Johnson, voice; Emmett Bankston, banjo; Lee "Red" Henderson, guitar; Ernest V. Stoneman, voice; Ernest V. Stoneman, harmonica; Ernest V. Stoneman, autoharp; Grayson and Whitter; Gilliam Banmon Grayson, fiddle; Gilliam Banmon Grayson, voice; Henry Whitter, guitar; Wade Mainer & Sons of the Mountaineers; Wade Mainer, voice; Wade Mainer, banjo; Clyde Moody, voice; Jay Hugh Hall, voice; William and Versey Smith play
Brave Boys: New England Traditions in Folk Music Lawrence Gorman Sterl Van Arsdale, hammered dulcimer; Grant Rogers, voice; Lawrence Older, voice; Harvey Tolman, fiddle; Newton F. Tolman, flute; Wilfred Guillette, fiddle; Phil Van Arsdale, hammered dulcimer; Rose Tolman, piano; Lawrence Older, guitar; Kay Gilbert, piano; Seamus Logue, guitar; Kevin Taylor, accordion; Brendan Mulvihill, fiddle; Paul Van Arsdale, hammered dulcimer; Maurice Campbell, piano; Rosalie Shaw, voice; Mack Moody, voice; Edward Kirby, voice; James Brown, voice; Mrs. Morris Austin, voice; Grant Rogers, guitar; Sara Cleveland, voice; Gale Huntington, voice; Ben Mandel, voice; Lewis Lund, voice; Gail Stoddard Storm, voice play
Brutal Reality Richard Adams David Alan Miller, Conductor; Jill Levy, violin; Nollaig Casey, fiddle; Present Music; Albany Symphony Orchestra play
Charlie Louvin Bill Anderson Charlie Louvin, voice; George Jones, voice; Chip Young, acoustic guitar; Chris Scruggs, acoustic guitar; Dennis Crouch, bass; Mitchell "Brownie" Brown, voice; Dianne Berry, acoustic guitar; Tony Crow, piano; William Tyler, acoustic guitar; Brian Kotzur, drums; Derwin Hinson, banjo; Lily Nevers, voice; Iris Nevers, voice; Jeff Tweedy, voice; Bobby Sr. Bare, voice; Tom T. Hall, voice; Marty Stuart, mandolin; Eef Barzelay, voice; Pete Cummings, acoustic guitar; Mac McCaughan, organ; Mac McCaughan, guitar; Paul Burch, guitar; Elvis Costello, voice; David Russelll, fiddle; Alex McManus, voice; Kurt Wagner, voice; Tift Merritt, voice; Joy Lynn White, voice; Dan Miller, voice; Tracy Miller, voice; Dave Feeney, dobro; Will Oldham, voice; Tony Harrell, keyboard; Paul Burch, voice; David Kilgour, electric guitar play
Come and Trip It: Instrumental Dance Music, 1780's-1920's Abe Holzmann Rodney Miller, fiddle; Ellen Farren, fortepiano; Judith Plant, keyed bugle; Gerard Schwarz and His Dance Orchestra; Dick Hyman and His Dance Orchestra; Alan G. Moore, fortepiano; Dick Hyman; Gerard Schwarz; Federal Music Society play
Country Music: South and West A.P. Carter Montana Slim, voice; Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys; Roy Acuff and His Smoky Mountain Boys; Patsy Montana and the Prairie Ramblers; The Monroe Brothers; The Sons of the Pioneers; Ted Daffan's Texans; Johnny Gimble and His Jam-Session Band; Merle Travis; Milton Brown and His Brownies; Jimmie Rodgers, voice; Billy Burke, guitar; Jimmie Rodgers, guitar; Gene Autry, voice; The Carter Family; Clayton McMichen and His Georgia Wildcats; The Hackberry Ramblers; The Blue Sky Boys; Harry Choates, voice; Montana Slim, guitar; Harry Choates, fiddle play
The Early Minstrel Show Daniel Decatur Emmett Robert B. Winans, banjo; Anon.; Matthew Heumann, tambourine; Percy Danforth, bones; Vincent Tufo, fiddle; Roger Smith, bass; Brian Mark, baritone; Peter DiSante, voice, "lead"; David Van Veersbilck, tenor play
Ethnic Kaleidoscope Frank Lewin (not credited); Walter Trampler, viola d'amore; Jonas Partridge; Johnny Cunningham, fiddle play
Face A Frowning World: An E.C. Ball Memorial Album E.C. Ball E.C. Ball, voice; Health and Happiness Family Gospel Band; Dave Bird, guitar; Justin Eslinger, bass; Jordan Forst, electric guitar; Kirk Kiefer, piano; Brian Manley, mandolin; Andy Washburn, drums; Eli Hall, pedal steel; Sandpaper Dolls; Suki Anderson, voice; Rebecca Dennison, voice; Amber Estes, voice; Bonnie Prince Billy, voice; Emmett Kelly, electric guitar; Emmett Kelly, voice; Nathan Salsburg, guitar; The Handsome Family; Dave Bird, electric guitar; Justin Eslinger, guitar; Neil Hulswede, pedal steel; Kirk Kiefer, accordion; Joe Manning, voice; Scott Moore, fiddle; Pokey LaFarge, voice; Rayna Gellert, voice; Glen Dentinger, voice; Michael Hurley, voice; Michael Hurley, acoustic guitar; Michael Hurley, can-jo; Jon Langford, voice; Dave Bird, bass; Kirk Kiefer, electric guitar; Rachel Grimes, piano; Rachel Grimes, voice; Nathan Salsburg, voice; Paul Oldham, bass; Catherine Irwin, voice; Justin Eslinger, dobro; Rayna Gellert, fiddle; Joe O'Connell, voice; Jan Bell, voice play
Going Down the Valley: Vocal and Instrumental Styles in Folk Music from the South Charlie Pole & the North Carolina Ramblers; Wade Mainer, banjo; Zeke Morris, voice; Steve Ledford, fiddle; Zeke Morris, guitar; Wade Mainer, voice; Taylor-Griggs Lousiana Melody Makers; Coon Creek Girls; Uncle Dave Macon and His Fruitjar Drinkers; Perry County Music Makers; Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers; E.V. Stoneman & His Dixie Mountaineers; Shortbuckle Roark and Family; Ashley and Abernathy; Allen Brothers; Shelor Family; Callahan Brothers; Carter Brothers and Son; Gid Tanner and his Skillet Lickers; Fort Worth Doughboys; Bela Lam and His Greene Bounty Singers; Dacosta Woltz's Southern Broadcasters; Ben Jarrell, voice play
Hiss Golden Messenger: Poor Moon M.C. Taylor M.C. Taylor, guitar; M.C. Taylor, mandolin; M.C. Taylor, voice; Scott Hirsch, electric guitar; Scott Hirsch, lap steel; Scott Hirsch, bass; Scott Hirsch, mandolin; Terry Lonergan, drums; Terry Lonergan, percussion; Matt Cunitz, Hammond B-3 organ; Matt Cunitz, Fender Rhodes; Matt Cunitz, piano; Matt Cunitz, celeste; Matt Cunitz, keyboards; Hans Chew, piano; Nathan Bowles, banjo; Crowmeat Bob, saxophone; Yair Evnine, guitar; Tom Heyman, pedal steel; Joseph Decosimo, fiddle; Elizabeth Taylor, voice; Dennis Taylor, voice; Alex Wurmbrand, violin; Erick Clark, violin; Corrine Olsen, viola play
John Cage: Roaratorio John Cage John Cage, voice; Joe Heaney, voice; Mell Mercier, bodhran; Peadher Mercier, bodhran; Seamus Ennis, uillean pipes; Paddy Glackin, fiddle; Matt Malloy, flute play
Let Me Play This For You Rare Cajun Recordings 1929-1930 Angelas LeJeune, voice; Angelas LeJeune, accordion; Ernest Fruge, fiddle; Adolph "Bixy" Guidry, accordion; Percy Babineaux, fiddle; Dennis McGee, fiddle; Adolph "Bixy" Guidry, voice; Alcide "Blind Uncle" Gaspard, guitar; Delma Lachney, fiddle; Alcide "Blind Uncle" Gaspard, voice play
Mama, I'll Be Long Gone The Complete recordings of Amede Ardoin 1929-1934 Amede Ardoin, voice; Amede Ardoin, accordion; Dennis McGee, fiddle play
Oh My Little Darling: Folk Song Types Thaddeus C Willingham, banjo; S. D. Courville, fiddle; Lonely Eagles; Arthur Tanner and His Blue Ridge Cornhuskers; James Roberts, guitar; Nelstones Hawaiians; Guinn Foster, guitar; The Sons of the Mountaineers; Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Singers; J. T. Allisons Sacred Harp Singers; Dennis McGee, fiddle; Roy Smeck, guitar; Fiddlin' John Carson, fiddle; Wesley Hargis, guitar; Daddy John Love, guitar; Tom Clarence Ashley, guitar; Roy Smeck, harmonica; Guinn Foster, harmonica; Mrs. Crockett Ward; James Touchstone, guitar; Hubert Nelson, guitar; Asa Martin, guitar; John I. White, voice; Wade Mainer, voice; Almeda Riddle, voice; Crockett Ward, voice; Fields Ward, voice; Wesley Hargis, voice; Mrs. Lena Bare Turbyfill, voice; Mrs. Lloyd Bare Hagie, voice; Fiddlin' John Carson, voice; Sarah Ogan, voice; Daddy John Love, voice; Dennis McGee, voice; Thaddeus C Willingham, voice; Wilmer Watts, voice; Arthur Tanner, voice; Asa Martin, voice; Tom Clarence Ashley, voice; Hubert Nelson, voice; James Touchstone, voice; Ernest Phipps, voice; J. T. Allison, voice play
Old Mother Hippletoe: Rural and Urban Children's Songs Ruth Crawford Seeger, arr. James Kingbird, voice; Lonnie Pitchford, guitar; Lonnie Pitchford, voice; Joe Patterson, voice; Joe Patterson, panpipe; Bessie Jones, voice; Govita Gonzalez, voice; Albert Kingbird, voice; Vernon Kingbird, voice; Bessie Jones and Georgia Sea Islanders; Alicia Gonzalez, voice; A.P. Wilson, voice; Susie Miller, voice; Angie Clark, voice; Mrs. Neil Hampton, voice; Samuel Clay Dixon, voice; Lester Powell, voice; Vera Hall, voice; Arseño Rodriguez, voice; Almeda Riddle, voice; J.D. Dillingham, voice; Carrie Grover, voice; E.C. Ball, fiddle; E.C. Ball, voice; Kenneth Atwood, voice; Arseño Rodriguez, guitar; Barry Ancelet, voice; Captain Pearl R. Nye, voice; Sabry Guidry, voice; Uncle Alec Dunforn, voice; Irene Scruggs, voice; Thelma Scruggs, voice; Beatrice Scruggs, voice; Schoolchildren from Washington; Ed Young, fife play
People Take Warning! Francis Sims Hi Henry Brown; Charlie Jordan; Skillet Lickers; Birmingham Jug Band; Bob Miller; Ernest Stoneman; Cantor Joseph Rosenblatt; Blind Alfred Reed; Bill Cox; Dixon Brothers; Cliff Carlisle; Walter E. "Furry" Lewis; Carver Boys; Richard "Rabbitt" Brown; Paul Miles and the Red Fox Chasers; Kentucky Ramblers; Riley Puckett; J.E. Mainer's Mountaineers; Frank Hutchison; Fred Pendleton & The West Virginia Melody Boys; William and Versey Smith; Robert Hicks; Fiddlin' John Carson; Charlie Patton; Charlotte & Bob Miller; Elder Curry; Kansas Joe; Minnie Douglas (Memphis Minnie); Andrew Jenkins; J.H. Howell's Carolina Hillbillies; Asa Martin; James Roberts; Andy and Flip Cap; Samuel Warren Caplinger; Andrew Patterson; William ‘‘Flip’’ Strickland; Charlie Poole; David Harrison ("Uncle Dave") Macon; McGee Brothers; Eddie James "Son" House; Green Bailey; Vernon Dalhart; Carson Robison Trio; W.A. Lindsey; Alvin Condor; Elders McIntorsh & Edwards; Appalachia Vagabond (Hayes Shepherd); Earl Johnson; Kahle Brewer; Kelly Harrell; Carolina Buddies; Clarence Ashley; Will Bennett; Dykes Magic City Trio; Dennis McGee; Ernest Fruge; B.F. Shelton; Grayson and Whitter; Gilliam Banmon Grayson, fiddle; Henry Whitter, guitar; Floyd County Ramblers; John Hammond; Roy Harvey and the North Carolina Ramblers; Ashley and Foster; Clarence Ashley, guitar; Gwen Foster, harmonica; Wilmer Watts and the Lonely Eagles; Willie Walker play
Stephen Foster Songs Stephen Foster Julianne Baird, soprano; Steve Schneider, accordion; Steve Schneider, dulcimer; Steve Schneider, recorder; Steve Schneider, harmonica; Frederick Urrey, tenor; John Van Buskirk, fortepiano; Ridley Enslow, fiddle; Linda Russell, alto; Linda Russell, dulcimer play
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