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Echoes From The Gorge: Raindrops on Bamboo Leaves-Echoes from Gorge-Autumn Pond-Clear Moon-Shadows in Ravine-Old Tree by Cold Spring-Sonorous Stones-Droplets down the Rocks-Drifting Clouds-Rolling Pearls-Peaks and Cascades-Falling Rocks and Flying Spray (A Quartet for Percussion) Chou Wen-Chung Frank Cassara, percussion; New Music Consort; William Trigg, percussion; Michael Lipsey, percussion; Claire Heldrich, Conductor; Paul Guerguerian, percussion play
Elegy: Snow in June Tan Dun Anssi Karttunen, cello; Talujon Percussion Quartet; John Ferrari, percussion; Michael Lipsey, percussion; Paul Guerguerian, percussion; Daniel Kennedy, percussion; Ed Spanjaard, Conductor play
Jabberwocky Susan Botti Paul Guerguerian, percussion; Susan Botti, soprano play
Rite Of Black Sun Anne LeBaron New Music Consort; Claire Heldrich, Conductor; Frank Cassara, percussion; Paul Guerguerian, percussion; Michael Pugliese, percussion; William Trigg, percussion play
Silk Road Tan Dun Susan Botti, soprano; Paul Guerguerian, percussion play
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