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Alan Seidel
Alan Seidler: Vocal and Choral Works (1990-2008)

Anne LeBaron
Anne LeBaron: Rana, Ritual & Revelations

Eleanor Cory
Eleanor Cory: Of Mere Being

Wendy Mae Chambers
Wendy Mae Chambers: 12 Squared

Chou Wen-Chung
Works by Chou Wen-Chung

Zhou Long
Zhou Long: Nature and Spirit
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Alan Seidler: Vocal and Choral Works (1990-2008) Alan Seidel Frank Nemhauser, Conductor; The Orchestra of Our Time; Steven Goldstein, tenor; Graham Ashton, trumpet; Joel Thome, Conductor; Frank Cassara, percussion; William Trigg, percussion; Susan Jolles, harp; Jeffrey Kraus, percussion; Martha Mooke, viola; The Collegiate Chorale; William Trigg, timpani; Michael Finckel, cello; Kory Grossman, percussion; Anthony Cecere, horn; Linda Wetherill, flute; Daniel Spiegel, piano; Laura Last, soprano; Gregor Kitzis, violin; Chris Nappi, percussion; Ayako Oshima Neidich, clarinet play
Anne LeBaron: Rana, Ritual & Revelations Anne LeBaron Anne LeBaron, tape; George Cartwright; William Trigg, tape; David Shea, baritone; George Cartwright, tenor saxophone; Jim Staley, trombone; Anne LeBaron, Conductor; Evelyn Elsing, cello; Hamao Fujiwara, violin; Theater Chamber Players of Kennedy Center; Masao Kawasaki, viola; Anne LeBaron, harp; Nina Kellman, harp; Frank Cassara, percussion; William Trigg, percussion; Claire Heldrich, Conductor; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Paul Guerguerian, percussion; Robert Yamins, clarinet; Allen Shearer, baritone; New Music Consort; Linda Bouchard, Conductor; Madeleine Shapiro, cello play
Eleanor Cory: Of Mere Being Eleanor Cory Joan Peterson Krause, soprano; Daire Fitzgerald, cello; Eriko Sato, violin; St. Luke's Chamber Ensemble; Susan Rotholz, flute; William Blount, clarinet; Louise Schulman, viola; William Purvis, French horn; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; Giles Bernard, trombone; Harold Rosenbaum, Conductor; New York Virtuoso Singers; Raymond Stewart, tuba; Joan Peterson Krause, soprano; Jack Sutte, trumpet; Kevin Cobb, trumpet; Jeffrey Milarsky, Conductor; New York New Music Ensemble; Jayn Rosenfeld, flute; Jean Kopperud, clarinet; Linda Quan, violin; Frank Cassara, percussion; Christopher Finckel, cello; Stephen Gosling, piano play
Microtonal Works by Partch, Pugliese, Drummond, Rosenblum & Monk Thelonious Monk Newband; Stefani Starin, alto flute; Dean Drummond, zoomoozophone; James Pugliese, synthesizer; Dominic Donato, zoomoozophone; Dominic Donato, drum synthesizer; Dominic Donato, synthesizer; Dominic Donato, percussion; Frank Cassara, boo; James Pugliese, almglocken; Elizabeth Rodgers, keyboard sampler; James Pugliese, percussion; James Pugliese, drums; Elizabeth Rodgers, piano; Frank Cassara, zoomoozophone; Dean Drummond, kithara II; James Pugliese, diamond marimba; Michael Lipsey, cloud chamber bowls; Nina Kellman, harmonic canon; Nina Kellman, surrogate kithara; Ted Mook, gourd tree; Elizabeth Rodgers, harmonic canon; Frank Cassara, spoils of war; Frank Cassara, kithara II; Ted Mook, cello; Dominic Donato, bass marimba; Dean Drummond, spoils of war; Nina Kellman, kithara II; Dominic Donato, surrogate kithara; Dean Drummond, kithara; Ted Mook, cone gongs; Elizabeth Rodgers, chromolodeon; Dominic Donato, boo; Dean Drummond, harmonic canon play
Wendy Mae Chambers: 12 Squared Wendy Mae Chambers Howard van Hyning, Conductor; Michael Pugliese, percussion; Randy Crafton, percussion; Jason Cirker, percussion; Charles Kiger, percussion; Andy Bowman, percussion; Marguerite Monnot, percussion; Mark Belair, percussion; Dan McMillan, percussion; Frank Cassara, percussion; David Cossin, percussion; Jimmy Musto, percussion; Dominic Donato, percussion; Kory Grossman, percussion play
Works by Chou Wen-Chung Chou Wen-Chung Richard Pittman, Conductor; Eric Charlston, percussion; Christopher Oldfather, piano; Raymond Mase, trumpet; Donald Hayward, bass trombone; Hugh Eddy, trombone; Ron Borror, trombone; Judith Pearce, alto flute; Hugh Hinton, piano; Robert Ingliss, English horn; William Wrzesien, clarinet; Mary Rowell, violin; Jim Baker, percussion; Allen Blustine, clarinet; William Trigg, percussion; William Purvis, horn; Frank Cassara, percussion; Ronald Lowry, cello; Nancy Cirillo, violin; Boston Musica Viva; Donald Palma, Conductor; Ethan Silverman, bassoon; Marcia Butler, oboe; Speculum Musicae; Claire Heldrich, Conductor; Michael Lipsey, percussion; New Music Consort; Elizabeth Brown, flute; Victoria Drake, harp; Paul Guerguerian, percussion play
Zhou Long: Nature and Spirit Zhou Long Victor Kioulaphides, double bass; Wu Man, pipa; Composers Conference Ensemble; Efrain Guigui, Conductor; Barbara Siesel, flute; Victoria Drake, harp; Wu Man, zheng; Gwendolyn Mok, piano; Erik Charlston, percussion; Speculum Musicae; Victor Kioulaphides, bass; Frank Cassara, percussion; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Donald Palma, Conductor play
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