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E.C. Ball
Face A Frowning World: An E.C. Ball Memorial Album

Richard Crandell
Imaginational Anthem Volume Three
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Face A Frowning World: An E.C. Ball Memorial Album E.C. Ball E.C. Ball, voice; Health and Happiness Family Gospel Band; Dave Bird, guitar; Justin Eslinger, bass; Jordan Forst, electric guitar; Kirk Kiefer, piano; Brian Manley, mandolin; Andy Washburn, drums; Eli Hall, pedal steel; Sandpaper Dolls; Suki Anderson, voice; Rebecca Dennison, voice; Amber Estes, voice; Bonnie Prince Billy, voice; Emmett Kelly, electric guitar; Emmett Kelly, voice; Nathan Salsburg, guitar; The Handsome Family; Dave Bird, electric guitar; Justin Eslinger, guitar; Neil Hulswede, pedal steel; Kirk Kiefer, accordion; Joe Manning, voice; Scott Moore, fiddle; Pokey LaFarge, voice; Rayna Gellert, voice; Glen Dentinger, voice; Michael Hurley, voice; Michael Hurley, acoustic guitar; Michael Hurley, can-jo; Jon Langford, voice; Dave Bird, bass; Kirk Kiefer, electric guitar; Rachel Grimes, piano; Rachel Grimes, voice; Nathan Salsburg, voice; Paul Oldham, bass; Catherine Irwin, voice; Justin Eslinger, dobro; Rayna Gellert, fiddle; Joe O'Connell, voice; Jan Bell, voice play
Imaginational Anthem Volume Three Richard Crandell Richard Crandell, guitar; Ben Reynolds, guitar; Greg Davis, guitar; Nathan Salsburg, guitar; Steffen Basho-Junghans, guitar; Cian Nugent, guitar; Matt Baldwin, guitar; Mark Fosson, guitar; George Stavis, guitar; R. Keenan Lawler, guitar; Shawn David McMillen, guitar play
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