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Mary Howe
Music of Mary Howe
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Johan Franco/Mary Howe: Orchestral Works Johan Franco Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra; Vincenz Ruzicka, piano; William Strickland, Conductor; Celius Dougherty, piano; The Vienna Orchestra; Samuel Brill, cello; Paula Lenchner, soprano; Eduard Flipse, Conductor play
Luening/Antheil/Howe: Orchestral Works Otto Luening The Vienna Orchestra; F. Charles Adler, Conductor; Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra; Alfredo Antonini, Conductor; William Strickland, Conductor play
Music of Mary Howe Mary Howe The Vienna Orchestra; William Strickland, Conductor; Vincenz Ruzicka, piano; Celius Dougherty, piano; Members of The Chamber Arts Society of the Catholic University of America; Werner Lywen, violin; George Steiner, violin; Norman Lamb, viola; John Martin, cello; Emerson Meyers, piano; Wallace Mann, flute; Imperial Philharmonic of Tokyo play
Talma/Fine/Perry/Daniels/Howe Louise Talma William Strickland, Conductor; Imperial Philharmonic of Tokyo play
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