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Harrison/Perry/Gyring Julia Perry Richard Allen, bass drum; Howard Zwickler, bass drum; Mitchell Andrews, piano; Fred Eckler, timpani; Howard Zwickler, gongs; Barbara Bondelid, harp; Alan Silverman, cymbals; Richard Fitz, triangle; Thomas Maguire, woodblocks; Alan Silverman, clockcoils; Edward Burnham, bells; Edward Burnham, brake drums; Paul Price, Conductor; Howard Zwickler, tam-tam; Richard Fitz, vibraphone; Edward Burnham, snare drum; Manhattan Percussion Ensemble; Wayne Brotherton, thundersheets; Howard Zwickler, xylophone; Norman Bergen, piano; Alan Silverman, brake drums; Richard Fitz, brake drums; Wayne Brotherton, washtub; Wayne Brotherton, cymbals; Norman Bergen, celesta play
Moore: Symphony in A/Perry: Stabat Mater Douglas Moore William Strickland, Conductor; Japan Philharmonic Orchestra; Makiko Asakura, mezzo-soprano play
Talma/Fine/Perry/Daniels/Howe Louise Talma William Strickland, Conductor; Imperial Philharmonic of Tokyo play
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