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Henry Threadgill

Roscoe Mitchell
Roscoe Mitchell: Four Compositions
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title composer artists/ensemble play
Pilgrimage Henry Threadgill Roscoe Mitchell, alto saxophone; Vartan Manoogian, violin; Roscoe Mitchell, flute; Roscoe Mitchell New Chamber Ensemble; Roscoe Mitchell, percussion; Roscoe Mitchell, soprano saxophone; Joseph Kubera, piano; Roscoe Mitchell, winds; Thomas Buckner, baritone play
Roscoe Mitchell - Solo 3 Roscoe Mitchell Roscoe Mitchell, percussion; Roscoe Mitchell, saxophone play
Roscoe Mitchell/ Thomas Buckner - 8 O'Clock: Two Improvisations Thomas Buckner Roscoe Mitchell, flute; Roscoe Mitchell, percussion; Roscoe Mitchell, soprano saxophone; Roscoe Mitchell, alto saxophone; Thomas Buckner, voice play
Roscoe Mitchell: Four Compositions Roscoe Mitchell Richard Lottridge, bassoon; Joan Wildman, piano; Roscoe Mitchell, saxophone; Gerald Oshita, contrabass sarrusaphone; Brian Smith, triple contrabass viol; Wingra Woodwind Quintet; Vartan Manoogian, violin; Thomas Buckner, voice; Robert Cole, flute play
SPACE - New Music for Woodwinds and Voices Thomas Buckner Thomas Buckner, voice; SPACE; Gerald Oshita, saxophone; Roscoe Mitchell, saxophone play
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