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Paul Suits
The Essence of Cello

David Sanford
Speculum Musicae: Music of Sanford, Rosenzweig, Moe
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The Essence of Cello Works written for Eric Bartlett Paul Suits Eric Bartlett, cello; Paul Suits, piano; Margaret Kampmeier, piano play
Speculum Musicae: Music of Sanford, Rosenzweig, Moe David Sanford Erik Charlston, bassoon; Michael Willens, double bass; William Purvis, French horn; Dennis Smylie, clarinets; Speculum Musicae; David Carroll, bassoon; Stephen Taylor, oboe; Eric Bartlett, cello; Curtis Macomber, violin; Allen Blustine, clarinet; Aleck Karis, piano; William Purvis, Conductor; James Baker, percussion; Jayn Rosenfeld, flute; David Krakauer, clarinet; Michael Willens, bass; Christopher Oldfather, piano; Maureen Gallagher, viola; Susan Palma Nidel, flute; Dennis Smylie, clarinet; William Purvis, horn; Carol Zeavin, violin; Morris Rosenzweig, Conductor; Erik Charlston, percussion; Allen Blustine, bass clarinet; Donald MacCourt, bassoon; Donald Palma, Conductor play
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