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Angelo Musolino
Angelo Musolino: Opening Doors

Angelo Musolino
Angelo Musolino: Orchestral Works

Robert Ackerman
Robert Ackerman: Orchestral Works
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Angelo Musolino: Opening Doors Angelo Musolino Kirk Trevor, Conductor; Adolphe Saxquartette; Tristan Willems, clarinet; Steven Silverstein, soprano saxophone; State Philharmonic of Kosice; Juray Bartos, trumpet; Steven Silverstein, clarinet; Tristan Willems, alto saxophone; Robert Ackerman, tenor saxophone; Pavel Hoda, baritone saxophone play
Angelo Musolino: Orchestral Works Angelo Musolino Robert Zverin, flute; Robert Ackerman, flute; Larry Newland, Conductor; Peter Karpat, trombone; Robert Ackerman, tenor saxophone; Tristan Willems, alto saxophone; Tristan Willems, bassoon; Julius Klein, clarinet; State Philharmonic of Kosice; Steven Silverstein, soprano saxophone; Denver Oldham, piano; Tristan Willems, clarinet; Adolphe Saxquartette; Pavel Hoda, baritone saxophone; Kirk Trevor, Conductor; Peter Sklenka, violin play
Robert Ackerman: Orchestral Works Robert Ackerman State Philharmonic of Kosice; Tristan Willems, Conductor; Steven Silverstein, clarinet; Robert Ackerman, flute; Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra; Pam Purvis, voice; Pam Purvis, reciter; Robert Ackerman, tenor saxophone play
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