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Philip Batstone
Tribute to Soprano Bethany Beardslee
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Del Tredici/Batstone/Ashforth: Song Cycles Alden Ashforth Victoria Bond, voice; Susan Greenberg, flute; Jeffrey Solow, cello; Susan Greenberg, piccolo; U.C.L.A. Chamber Ensemble; Susan Greenberg, alto flute; Natalie Limonick, piano; Gary Gray, clarinet; Emily Just, percussion; John Dare, Conductor; Eric Remsen, percussion; Frederick Hammond, harpsichord; Lou Anne Neill, harp; David Atkins, bass clarinet; Norman Foster, clarinet; Kenneth Moore, bassoon; David Del Tredici, Conductor; Judith Schenkman, piccolo; Marilyn Dubow, violin; Ornulf Gulbransen, flute; Harold Wright, clarinet; Donald Stewart, bass clarinet; Players from the Marlboro Festival; Myron Bloom, horn; Ko Iwasaki, cello; Mary Burgess, mezzo-soprano; Patricia Grignet, oboe; Philip Naegele, viola; Jerome Rosen, violin; Benita Valente, soprano play
Tribute to Soprano Bethany Beardslee Philip Batstone Susan Greenberg, alto flute; David Atkins, bass clarinet; Susan Greenberg, piccolo; Bethany Beardslee, soprano; U.C.L.A. Chamber Ensemble; Victoria Bond, voice, "echo"; Emily Just, percussion; Eric Remsen, percussion; Gary Foster, clarinet; Susan Greenberg, flute; John Dare, Conductor; Natalie Limonick, piano; Gary Gray, clarinet; Jeffrey Solow, cello; Morey Ritt, piano; Robert Helps, piano; Malcolm Peyton, piano; Linda Quan, violin play
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