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Thomas E. Barker
Music of Barker, Kurtz & Gandolfi

Wes York
Wes York
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Music of Barker, Kurtz & Gandolfi Thomas E. Barker Andrew Mark, violoncello; James Orleans, contrabass; Robert Hoyle, French horn; Rolf Schulte, violin; Misha Amory, viola; Fred Sherry, cello; Robert Hoyle, horn; Adéle Auviol, violin; Bernard Fauchet, piano; Josephine Gandolfi, piano; Peggy Friedland, flute; Griffin Music Ensemble; Heidi Yenney, violin; Gerald Itzkoff, violin; Scott Woolweaver, viola; Virginia Crumb, harp; James Orleans, bass; Jeffrey Fischer, percussion; Jonathan McPhee, Conductor play
Wes York Wes York David Buechner, piano; Marimolin; Ian Greitzer, clarinet; Nancy Zeltsman, marimba; Sharan Levanthal, violin; Jeffrey Fischer, percussion; David Ripley, bass; Bruce Lancaster, tenor; Henry Weinberger, piano; Nancy Armstrong, soprano; Kathleen Supové, piano; Susan Botti, soprano; Reed Woodhouse, piano; James Russell Smith, percussion; Julie Darling Fredricks, flute; Peggy Friedland, flute; Susan Downey, flute; Charles Fussell, Conductor; Sanford Sylvan, baritone play
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