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Scott Fraser
Bifurcators: Gang of Two
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Bifurcators: Gang of Two Live Recordings of Ensemble Works for Instruments, Computers, and Other Electronics Scott Fraser Philip Perkins, electronic processing; Scott Fraser, electric guitar; Doug Carroll, electric cello; Tim Perkis, synthesizer; Bonnie Barnett, voice; The Bifurcators play
John Cage Edition, Vol. 10: Europeras 3 & 4 John Cage Patricia McAfee, mezzo-soprano; Ronda Rindone, turntable; Dren McDonald, turntable; Andrew Culver, Conductor; Michael Lyon, tenor; Vicki Ray, piano; Jerry Wheeler, turntable; Anne-Marie Ketchum, soprano; Long Beach Opera; Clarice Ross, turntable; Kevin Bell, bass; Bryan Pezzone, piano; Hannes Geiger, turntable; Joseph Giri, turntable; Ruby Hinds, mezzo-soprano; Susan Hanson, soprano; Scott Fraser, tape; William Houston, turntable; Richard Powell, tenor; Daisetta Kim, soprano play
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