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Elliott Carter
Elliott Carter: Piano Concerto/Variations for Orchestra
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80 Trombones and 30 basses Henry Brant Bay Bones Trombone Choir; Amy Snyder, sopranino; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Henry Brant, organ; Nelga Lynn, soprano; International Summer School for Double Bass of the International Society of Bassists; Barry Green, bass; Paul Ellison, bass; Allan Otte, percussion; James Culley, percussion; Michael Hakes, percussion play
Elliott Carter: Piano Concerto/Variations for Orchestra Elliott Carter William Harrod, English horn; Ursula Oppens, piano; Marna Street-Ramsey, viola; Barry Green, bass; Phillip Ruder, violin; Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra; George Hambrecht, flute; Thomas LeGrand, bass clarinet; Michael Gielen, Conductor; John Sharp, cello play
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