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Matthew Harris
American Journey

Henry Brant
Henry Brant: Music For Massed Flutes

Henry Brant
Music of Henry Brant

Charles Ives
Panorama of American Piano Music, 1911 - 1990

Vincent Persichetti
Winds Of Change: American Music For Wind Ensemble From The 1950s To The 1970s
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80 Trombones and 30 basses Henry Brant Bay Bones Trombone Choir; Amy Snyder, sopranino; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Henry Brant, organ; Nelga Lynn, soprano; International Summer School for Double Bass of the International Society of Bassists; Barry Green, bass; Paul Ellison, bass; Allan Otte, percussion; James Culley, percussion; Michael Hakes, percussion play
American Journey Matthew Harris Elizabeth Rodgers, piano; Clara Longstreth, Conductor; New Amsterdam Singers play
Henry Brant: Music For Massed Flutes Henry Brant Lois Schaefer, flute; Karen Purpura, flute; Patricia Zuber, flute; Pamela Sklar, flute; Katherine McClure, flute; Barbara Williams, flute; Rochelle Itzen, flute; Seth Rosenthal, flute; Gerardo Levy, flute; Karl F. Kraber, flute; Alice Barmore, flute; Frederick Wilkins, flute; Claude Monteux, flute; Kenneth Schmidt, flute; Harry Moskovitz, flute; Frances Blaisdell, flute; Harold Jones, flute; Murray Panitz, flute; Andrew Lolya, flute; Henry Brant, Conductor; Philip Dunigan, flute; Samuel Baron, flute; Jayn Rosenfeld, flute; Don Hulbert, flute; Sue Ann Kahn, alto flute; Kathleen Nester, piccolo; New York Flute Club; Stefani Starin, alto flute; Patti Monson, bass flute; Donato Cabrera, Conductor; Jeffrey Kraus, drums; Robert Aitken, Conductor; Bart Feller, flute; Paul Taub, flute; Robert Aitken, flute; Laura George, flute; Ardith Bondi, flute; Leslie Allt, flute; Lucille Goeres, flute; Sue Ann Kahn, flute; Emily Hodges, flute; Dianne Aitken, flute; Stefani Starin, flute; Svjetlana Kabalin, piccolo; Dianne Aitken, bass flute play
Music from Bennington Lionel Nowak Eastman Brass Ensemble; Henry Brant, organ; Phyllis Martin Pearson, piano; Louis Calabro, chimes; Gunnar Schonbeck, clarinet; Frank S. Baker, speaker; Phyllis Martin Pearson, vibraphone; Bennington String Ensemble; Catherine Satterlee, mezzo-soprano; Marianne Finckel, harpsichord; Vivian Fine, Conductor; Louis Calabro, Conductor; Louis Calabro, timpani; Lionel Nowak, Conductor; Bennington Choral Ensemble; Jacob Glick, viola play
Music of Henry Brant Henry Brant Henry Brant, organ; La Jolla Chorus; Henry Brant, Conductor; Phyllis Martin Pearson, piano; Phyllis Martin Pearson, vibraphone; Louis Calabro, timpani; Marianne Finckel, harpsichord; Catherine Satterlee, mezzo-soprano; Jacob Glick, viola; Louis Calabro, chimes; La Jolla Symphony; David Chase, Conductor; Amy Snyder, Conductor; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Amy Snyder, voice; Bay Bones Trombone Choir; Thomas Nee, Conductor play
Music of Henry Brant and Irving Fine Henry Brant Frances Blaisdell, flute; Irving Fine, piano; Andrew Lolya, flute; Philip Dunigan, flute; Claude Monteux, flute; Lois Schaefer, flute; Murray Panitz, flute; Kenneth Schmidt, flute; Henry Brant, Conductor; Harold Jones, flute; Harry Moskovitz, flute; Samuel Baron, flute; Frederick Wilkins, flute; New York Flute Club; Eunice Alberts, contralto play
Panorama of American Piano Music, 1911 - 1990 From Antheil to Zappa Charles Ives Yvar Mikhashoff, piano play
Winds Of Change: American Music For Wind Ensemble From The 1950s To The 1970s Vincent Persichetti John P. Paynter, Conductor; Northwestern University Symphonic Wind Ensemble; Frederick Hemke, alto saxophone play
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