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Lou Harrison
Lou Harrison & Carl Ruggles: Orchestral Works

Henri Lazarof
Music of Henri Lazarof

Henry Brant
Music of Henry Brant

Paul Chihara
Paul Chihara

Harold Blumenfeld
Seasons In Hell: A Life of Rimbaud
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80 Trombones and 30 basses Henry Brant Bay Bones Trombone Choir; Amy Snyder, sopranino; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Henry Brant, organ; Nelga Lynn, soprano; International Summer School for Double Bass of the International Society of Bassists; Barry Green, bass; Paul Ellison, bass; Allan Otte, percussion; James Culley, percussion; Michael Hakes, percussion play
Lou Harrison & Carl Ruggles: Orchestral Works Lou Harrison Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Japan Philharmonic Orchestra; Akeo Watanabe, Conductor; Polish National Radio Orchestra; William Strickland, Conductor play
Music of Henri Lazarof Henri Lazarof Laurence Lesser, violoncello; Laurence Lesser, cello; Oakland Symphony Orchestra; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Milton Thomas, viola; Stanley Plummer, violin; James Galway, flute; James Galway, alto flute; James Galway, bass flute play
Music of Henry Brant Henry Brant Henry Brant, organ; La Jolla Chorus; Henry Brant, Conductor; Phyllis Martin Pearson, piano; Phyllis Martin Pearson, vibraphone; Louis Calabro, timpani; Marianne Finckel, harpsichord; Catherine Satterlee, mezzo-soprano; Jacob Glick, viola; Louis Calabro, chimes; La Jolla Symphony; David Chase, Conductor; Amy Snyder, Conductor; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Amy Snyder, voice; Bay Bones Trombone Choir; Thomas Nee, Conductor play
Paul Chihara Paul Chihara Amherst Saxophone Quartet; Arcata String Quartet; Ballet Arts Orchestra; Suenobu Togi, voice; American Symphony Orchestra; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Jeffrey Solow, cello; Suenobu Togi, pre-recorded sound play
Seasons In Hell: A Life of Rimbaud Harold Blumenfeld Alethea Kolgore, "Mother Superior"; Robin Korsin, "English Girl"; James David Lynn, "Izambard"; Susana Diaz, "Mathilde"; Mary Elizabeth Kures, voice, "The Voice"; Chad Smith, "Paul Verlaine"; Sara Lindell, "Isabelle"; Elizabeth Saunders, voice, "Mme. Rimbaud"; Philip Mark Horst, voice, "Older Rimbaud"; Rendall Gremillion, voice, "Young Rimbaud"; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; College-Conservatory of Music Philarmonia; Dieter Cui, "Doctor Trastour" play
Weber/Wuorinen: Piano Concertos Ben Weber Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; William Masselos, piano; Royal Philharmonic Orchestra; James Dixon, Conductor; Charles Wuorinen, piano play
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