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John Berryman
Eric Chasalow: Left to His Own Devices

Gerald Levinson
Gerald Levinson: Here of Amazing Most Now
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Eric Chasalow: Left to His Own Devices John Berryman Geoffrey Burleson, piano; Guido Arbonelli, tape; William Hite, tape; David Russell, cello; Guido Arbonelli, bass clarinet; Gary Gorczyca, clarinet; Susan Gall Hampton, flute; Gil Rose, Conductor; Boston Modern Orchestra Project; William Hite, tenor; Andrew Rindfleisch, Conductor; Robert Schulz, percussion; Michael Finckel, cello; Phantom Arts; Jean DeMart, flute; William Kirkley, clarinet; John Harrison, violin; Michael Adelson, Conductor; Jennifer Lucht, cello; Sarah Thornblade, violin; Andrea Schultz, violin; Auros Group for New Music; Christopher Oldfather, piano play
Gerald Levinson: Here of Amazing Most Now Chamber Works 1973 - 2001 Gerald Levinson James Freeman, Conductor; Lois Herbine, flute; Marshall Taylor, soprano; William Kerrigan, percussion; John Harrison, contrabass; Lois Herbine, piccolo; Dorothy Freeman, English horn; Orchestra 2001; Lois Herbine, alto flute; Dorothy Freeman, oboe; Lori Barnet, cello; Allen Kranz, guitar; Charles Abramovic, piano; Gregory Fulkerson, violin; Igor Begelman, clarinet; Clancy Newman, cello; Marcantonio Barone, piano; Barbara Ann Martin, soprano play
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