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Charles Fussell
The Astronaut's Tale

Charles Bestor
Charles Bestor: The Long Goodbye

Virgil Thomson
Complete Songs of Virgil Thomson for voice and piano

John Berryman
Eric Chasalow: Left to His Own Devices

Emanuel Rubin
It's About Time
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The Astronaut's Tale Charles Fussell Gregory Miller, French horn; James Maddelena, baritone; James Bolle, Conductor; Monadnock Festival Ensemble; Astrid Schween, cello; Hugh Hinton, synthesizer; Jack Larson, narrator; Judith Kellock, soprano; William Hite, tenor; Steven Jackson, clarinet; Hugh Hinton, piano; Ole Bohn, violin; Laura Gilbert, flute; Craig McNutt, percussion play
Charles Bestor: The Long Goodbye Charles Bestor Cayuga Chamber Orchestra; Lanfranco Marcelletti, Conductor; William Hite; Laura Klock, French horn play
Complete Songs of Virgil Thomson for voice and piano Virgil Thomson William Hite, tenor; Linda Osborn, piano; Lynne McMurtry, contralto; Alison d'Amato, piano; Sarah Pelletier, soprano; Aaron Engebreth, baritone; John McDonald, percussion play
Eric Chasalow: Left to His Own Devices John Berryman Geoffrey Burleson, piano; Guido Arbonelli, tape; William Hite, tape; David Russell, cello; Guido Arbonelli, bass clarinet; Gary Gorczyca, clarinet; Susan Gall Hampton, flute; Gil Rose, Conductor; Boston Modern Orchestra Project; William Hite, tenor; Andrew Rindfleisch, Conductor; Robert Schulz, percussion; Michael Finckel, cello; Phantom Arts; Jean DeMart, flute; William Kirkley, clarinet; John Harrison, violin; Michael Adelson, Conductor; Jennifer Lucht, cello; Sarah Thornblade, violin; Andrea Schultz, violin; Auros Group for New Music; Christopher Oldfather, piano play
It's About Time Emanuel Rubin Laura Klock, horn; Nadine Shank, piano; William Hite, tenor; Lynn Klock, alto saxophone; Estela Olevsky, piano play
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