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Lou Harrison
Lou Harrison: In Retrospect

Andrew Imbrie
Tribute to Andrew Imbrie
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Lou Harrison: In Retrospect Lou Harrison UCSC Chamber Singers; Stephen Tramontozzi, string bass; UCSC Chamber Orchestra; Nicole Paiment, Conductor; Yvonne Powers, oboe; Leta Miller, flute; William Winant, percussion; Heather Sloan, percussion; Leroy Kromm, baritone; Peter Shelton, cello; Emily Wong George, tack piano; Dennis Russell Davies, Conductor; Lee Duckles, cello; Adam Gordon, trumpet; Nohema Fernández, celesta play
Tribute to Andrew Imbrie In Celebration of His Eightieth Birthday Andrew Imbrie Melanie Schattschneider, flute; Nicky Spence, flute; Mack McCray, piano; Dana Putnam, cello; Leesa Dahl, piano; Stan Popplin, bass; Stephanie Summers, clarinet; Emanuela Nikiforova, violin; Russell Kotcher, violin; Erika Johnson, percussion; Nicole Paiment, Conductor; Don Baker, percussion; Anne-Francis Dillon, piano; John Sackett, bass clarinet; Robert Howard, cello; New Music Ensemble of the San Francisco Conservatory; Rebecca Van de Ven, oboe; Mark Teicholz, guitar; Bonnie Hampton, cello; Jean-Michel Fonteneau, cello; John Sackett, clarinet; Matthew Cannon, percussion; Stephanie Fong, viola; Roman Fukshansky, clarinet; David Carlisle, percussion play
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