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Harold Blumenfeld
Seasons In Hell: A Life of Rimbaud

Anthony Braxton
Syntactical GTM Choir (NYC) 2011
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Seasons In Hell: A Life of Rimbaud Harold Blumenfeld College-Conservatory of Music Philarmonia; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Rendall Gremillion, voice, "Young Rimbaud"; Philip Mark Horst, voice, "Older Rimbaud"; Elizabeth Saunders, voice, "Mme. Rimbaud"; Sara Lindell, "Isabelle"; Chad Smith, "Paul Verlaine"; Mary Elizabeth Kures, voice, "The Voice"; Susana Diaz, "Mathilde"; James David Lynn, "Izambard"; Robin Korsin, "English Girl"; Alethea Kolgore, "Mother Superior"; Dieter Cui, "Doctor Trastour" play
Syntactical GTM Choir (NYC) 2011 Anthony Braxton Anne Rhodes, voice; Kyoko Kitamura, voice; Amy Crawford, voice; Jean Carla Rodea, voice; Fay Victor, voice; Kamala Sankaram, voice; Elizabeth Saunders, voice; Nick Hallett, voice; Vince Vincent, voice; Wesley Chinn, voice; Chris DiMeglio, voice; Michael Douglas Jones, voice; Adam Matlock, voice; Syntactical Ghost Trance Music Choir play
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