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Andrew Imbrie
Andrew Imbrie: Dream Sequence

Claudio Spies
Music of Claudio Spies
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Andrew Imbrie: Dream Sequence Andrew Imbrie Parnassus; Matthew Dine, English horn; Alan R. Kay, bass clarinet; Sarah Adams, viola; Barbara Allen, harp; Edmund Niemann, piano; Christopher Finckel, cello; Cyrus Stevens, violin; Keith Underwood, flute; Alan R. Kay, clarinet; James Preiss, percussion; Nathaniel Watson, baritone; Mark Bleeke, tenor; Nancy Wertsch, alto; Joan Peterson Krause, soprano; Susan Narucki, soprano; Anthony Korf, Conductor; Matthew Dine, oboe; Martin Goldray, piano play
Music of Claudio Spies Claudio Spies Nathaniel Watson, baritone; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; Andrew May, violin; Elizabeth McNutt, flute; Alan Feinberg, piano; Jan Opalach, bass; Henry Martin, piano; David Ronis, tenor; Christine Whittlesey, soprano; Claudio Spies, Conductor; Johanna Arnold, alto; Matthew Sullivan, English horn; Matthew Sullivan, oboe; Brian Greene, oboe; Brian Greene, English horn; Samuel Rhodes, viola; Robert Miller, piano play
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