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Dick Berk and the Jazz Adoption Agency: Bouncin' with Berk Thelonious Monk Ken Filiano, bass; Tad Weed, piano; Andy Martin, trombone; Dick Berk, drums; Mike Fahn, valve trombone play
Rob Blakeslee Quintet: Lifeline Tad Weed, piano; Vinny Golia, soprano saxophone; Vinny Golia, baritone saxophone; Vinny Golia, bass clarinet; Ken Filiano, bass; Rob Blakeslee, trumpet; Billy Mintz, drums; Vinny Golia, wood flute play
Rob Blakeslee Quintet: Long Narrows Rob Blakeslee Tad Weed, piano; Vinny Golia, soprano saxophone; Michael Bisio, bass; Bob Meyer, drums; Rob Blakeslee, flugelhorn; Rob Blakeslee, trumpet; Vinny Golia, clarinet; Vinny Golia, bass clarinet; Rob Blakeslee, cornet play
Tad Weed: Soloing Tad Weed Ken Filiano, bass; Joe La Barbra, drums; Billy Mintz, drums; Tad Weed, piano play
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