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Randall Woolf
Randall Woolf: Where the Wild Things Are
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Randall Woolf: Where the Wild Things Are Randall Woolf Michael Lowenstern, bass clarinet; Meg Busch, spoken word; Meg Busch, talking guitar; Julian Allen, voice; Frank London, trumpet; Mat Fieldes, contrabass; Mat Fieldes, electric bass; Patti Monson, piccolo; Todd Reynolds, 5-string electric violin; Randall Woolf, slide guitar; Kathleen Supové, Kurzweil PC88; Kathleen Supové, sampler; Mat Fieldes, bass; Ann Klein, electric guitar; Elizabeth Knowles, violin; Wayne duMaine, trumpet; Julie Josephson, trombone; Patti Monson, flute; Danny Tunick, marimba; Todd Reynolds, violin; Kathleen Supové, keyboard; Michael Lowenstern, clarinet; Christina Wheeler, voice, "Chorus of Wild Things"; Dafna Naphtali, voice, "Chorus of Wild Things"; Kitty Brazelton, voice, "Chorus of Wild Things" play
The Walter Thompson Orchestra: The Colonel Walter Thompson Thomas Chapin, alto saxophone; Walter Thompson, Conductor; Dave Tronzo, slide guitar; Herb Robertson, trumpet; Steve Swell, trombone; Michael Blake, tenor saxophone; Bob Hovey, trombone; Frank London, trumpet; David Castiglione, baritone saxophone; Walter Thompson, alto saxophone; Dave Douglas, trumpet; Walter Thompson Orchestra; Thomas Ulrich, cello play
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