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John Alden Carpenter

George Whitefield Chadwick
Chadwick/Gilbert: Chamber Works

Ethelbert Woodbridge Nevin
Edward MacDowell and Company

Harvey Worthington Loomis
Paul Sperry: Songs of an Innocent Age
albums (4) works (1) tracks (8)
title composer artists/ensemble play
Carpenter/Gilbert/Powell/Weiss John Alden Carpenter Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra; Zita Carno, piano; Calvin Simmons, Conductor; Lawrence Foster, Conductor play
Chadwick/Gilbert: Chamber Works George Whitefield Chadwick Hobart Earle, Conductor; American Music Ensemble Vienna play
Edward MacDowell and Company Ethelbert Woodbridge Nevin Malcolm Frager, piano play
Paul Sperry: Songs of an Innocent Age Harvey Worthington Loomis Paul Sperry, tenor; Irma Vallecillo, piano play
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