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Charles Tomlinson Griffes
American Profiles

George Rochberg
George Rochberg: Music for the Magic Theater

Paul Hindemith
Happy Endings
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American Profiles Charles Tomlinson Griffes Susan Rotholz, flute; Matthew Dine, oboe; Michael Finn, bassoon; James Baker, percussion; Alan R. Kay, clarinet; Carl Albach, trumpet; Victoria Eisen, horn; Lewis Paer, bass; Paul Hostetter, percussion; Jeffrey Lang, horn; Diane Chaplin, violoncello; Stephen Rogers Radcliffe, Conductor; David Korevaar, piano; New York Chamber Ensemble; Julie Rosenfeld, violin; Francesca Martin Silos, viola; Carolyn Davis Fryer, bass play
George Rochberg: Music for the Magic Theater George Rochberg Deborah Redding, violin; Kenneth Finn, trombone; Alan R. Kay, clarinet; Michael Finn, bassoon; Jeffrey Lang, horn; Carolyn Davis Fryer, bass; David Korevaar, piano; Susan Rotholz, flute; Carl Albach, trumpet; Diane Chaplin, violoncello; Julie Rosenfeld, violin; Stephen Rogers Radcliffe, Conductor; Stephen Rogers Radcliffe, Music Director; New York Chamber Ensemble; Victoria Eisen, horn; David Braynard, tuba; Francesca Martin Silos, viola; Matthew Dine, oboe play
Happy Endings Paul Hindemith Daniel Grabois, horn; Janet Lantz, horn; Carl Albach, trumpet; Jon Nelson, trumpet; Tom Hutchinson, trombone; Julie Rosenfeld, violin; Deborah Redding, violin; Francesca Martin Silos, viola; David Rosi, bass; William Moersch, percussion; Erik Charlston, percussion; Barbara Mort, harmonium; Yves Abel, piano; Robert Cassidy, piano; Stacey Shames, harp; Diane Chaplin, violoncello; Timothy Ries, saxophone; Michael Finn, bassoon; New York Chamber Ensemble; Jeanne Ommerlé, soprano; Richard Holmes, baritone; Robert Osborne, bass-baritone; Austin Wright Moore, tenor; Carl Halvorson, tenor; Stephen Rogers Radcliffe, Conductor; Julia Parks, mezzo-soprano; Margaret Bishop, soprano; Elizabeth Brown, flute; Martin Riseley, violin; Susan Rotholz, flute; Marcia Butler, oboe; Alan R. Kay, clarinet; Barbara Mort, piano play
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