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John Cage
John Cage Edition - Vol. 29: Variations I, II and III
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John Cage Edition - Vol. 29: Variations I, II and III John Cage D'Arcy Philip Gray, electronics; Andrew R. Miller, electronics; Andrew R. Miller, amplified double bass; Andrew R. Miller, prepared double bass; Helen Pridmore, voice; Nadia Francavilla, amplified violin; Nadia Francavilla, prepared violin; D'Arcy Philip Gray, percussion; Nadia Francavilla, violin; Richard Hornsby, clarinet; Curtis Dietz, trumpet; Andrew R. Miller, double bass; Helen Pridmore, prepared piano; Gina Patterson, horn; John D.S. Adams, electronics play
Less Of Five: ACROBATI FOLLI E INNAMORATI Giuseppe Guarrella Giuseppe Guarrella, prepared double bass; Antonio Moncada, drums; Olivia Bignardi, nacchere; Giorgio Occhipinti, piano; Giorgio Occhipinti, percussion; Olivia Bignardi, alto saxophone; Giorgio Occhipinti, prepared piano; Giuseppe Guarrella, double bass; Olivia Bignardi, clarinet play
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