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Mathew Rosenblum
Mathew Rosenblum: Circadian Rhythms
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Mathew Rosenblum: Circadian Rhythms Mathew Rosenblum Newband; Stefani Starin, flute; Thomas DiGiovanni, surrogate kithara; Nina Kellman, crychord; Jeffrey Irving, diamond marimba; Jared Soldiviero, bass marimba; Joe Fee, bamboo marimba; Joe Fee, bass drum; Joe Bergen, spoils of war; Dean Drummond, Conductor; Deoro; Dave Eggar, cello; Chuck Palmer, percussion; Rob Frankenberry, keyboard; Wendy Richman, viola; Timothy Feeney, percussion; Shirley Yoo, piano; Lindsey Goodman, flute; Lindsey Goodman, alto flute; Lindsey Goodman, piccolo; Calmus Ensemble; Dorothea Wagner, soprano; Dorothea Wagner, hand percussion; Sebastian Krause, countertenor; Sebastian Krause, drum machine; Tobias Pöche, tenor; Tobias Pöche, hand percussion; Ludwig Böhme, baritone; Ludwig Böhme, hand percussion; Joe Roesler, bass; Joe Roesler, hand percussion; Raschèr Saxophone Quartet; Christine Rall, soprano saxophone; Elliot Riley, alto saxophone; Bruce Weinberger, tenor saxophone; Kenneth Coon, baritone saxophone play
Microtonal Works by Partch, Pugliese, Drummond, Rosenblum & Monk Harry Partch Ted Mook, cello; Dominic Donato, synthesizer; Dominic Donato, drum synthesizer; Dominic Donato, zoomoozophone; James Pugliese, synthesizer; Dean Drummond, zoomoozophone; Stefani Starin, alto flute; Newband; Dominic Donato, percussion; Frank Cassara, zoomoozophone; Elizabeth Rodgers, piano; James Pugliese, drums; James Pugliese, percussion; Elizabeth Rodgers, keyboard sampler; James Pugliese, almglocken; Frank Cassara, boo; Dean Drummond, harmonic canon; Frank Cassara, kithara II; Frank Cassara, spoils of war; Elizabeth Rodgers, harmonic canon; Ted Mook, gourd tree; Nina Kellman, surrogate kithara; Nina Kellman, harmonic canon; Michael Lipsey, cloud chamber bowls; James Pugliese, diamond marimba; Dean Drummond, kithara II; Dominic Donato, boo; Elizabeth Rodgers, chromolodeon; Ted Mook, cone gongs; Dean Drummond, kithara; Dominic Donato, surrogate kithara; Nina Kellman, kithara II; Dean Drummond, spoils of war; Dominic Donato, bass marimba play
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