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Don't Wake the Baby David Hurley David Hurley, drums; Zuri Waters, alto saxophone; David Hurley, reong; David Hurley, gong; David Hurley, vibraphone; David Hurley, bamboo flute play
Five Stone Wind For the Merce Cunningham dance 5 Stone Wind John Cage Takehisa Kosugi, electronics; Takehisa Kosugi, bamboo flute; Takehisa Kosugi, amplified violin; Michael Pugliese, clay pots; Michael Pugliese, tape; David Tudor, electronics play
Play Frank Denyer Jos Zwaanenburg, bamboo flute; John Anderson, clarinet; Marieke Keser, violin; Barton Workshop play
Sculptures Musicales: III. John Cage Intersax; Ulrich Krieger, alto saxophone; Ulrich Krieger, bass clarinet; Ulrich Krieger, bamboo flute; Ulrich Krieger, melodica; Ulrich Krieger, launeddas; Andreas Peters, percussion play
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