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Shulamit Ran
Shulamit Ran: Chamber Works
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Mark Harvey And The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra: Aardvark Steps Out Mark Harvey Peter Bloom, woodwinds; Arni Cheatham, woodwinds; Tom Hall, woodwinds; Phil Scarff, woodwinds; Brad Jones, woodwinds; Vinny Golia, woodwinds; Mike Peipman, trumpet; Frank London, trumpet; Jeanne Snodgrass, trumpet; Rajesh Mehta, trumpet; Marshall Sealy, French horn; Bob Pilkington, trombone; Jay Keyser, trombone; Jeff Marsanskis, trombone; Rick Nelson, guitar; Diana Herold, vibraphone; Ken Filiano, bass; Joe Higgins, bass; Brian McCree, bass; Jerry Edwards, electric bass; Jerry Edwards, voice; Harry Wellott, drums; Craig Ellis, percussion; Donna Hewitt-Didham, voice; Mark Harvey, trumpet; Mark Harvey, piano play
Mark Harvey and the Aardvark Jazz Orchestra: An Aardvark Christmas Mark Harvey Greg Kelley, trumpet; Tom Hall, tenor saxophone; Mark Messier, saxophone; Phil Scharff, saxophone; Richard Nelson, guitar; Jerry Marsanskis, bass trombone; Peter Bloom, flute; Arni Cheatham, soprano saxophone; Craig Ellis, drums; Jerry Edwards, electric bass; Bill Lowe, trombone; Bob Pilkington, trombone; Jay Keyser, trombone; Mark Harvey, trumpet; Jim Whitney, bass; Vinny Golia, bass clarinet; Brad Jones, saxophone; Mike Peipman, trumpet; Aardvark Jazz Orchestra; Harry Wellott, piano; Donna Hewitt-Didham, voice; Ken Filiano, bass play
Shulamit Ran: Chamber Works Shulamit Ran Sharon Polifrone, violin; Edward Gilmore, clarinet; Contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago; Jennie Wagner, violin; Tom Hall, violin; Sharon Polifrone, viola; Barbara Haffner, cello; David Schrader, piano; Cliff Colnot, Conductor; Abraham Stokman, piano; Judith Nicosia, soprano; Alan Feinberg, piano; Laura Flax, clarinet; Members of the Da Capo Chamber Players; André Emelianoff, cello play
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