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Dominick Argento
20th Century Baroque

Mark Gustavson
Mark Gustavson: Dissolving Images

William Neil
Paul Freeman IntroducesÂ… String Concertos

Shulamit Ran
Shulamit Ran: Chamber Works
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20th Century Baroque Dominick Argento Michaels Bedi, Patrice, soprano; Rembrandt Chamber Players; Sharon Polifrone, violin; Barbara Haffner, cello; Robert Morgan, oboe; David Schrader, harpsichord; Larry Combs, clarinet; Sandra Morgan, flute play
Mark Gustavson: Dissolving Images Mark Gustavson Lisa Moore, piano; Either/Or; Margaret Lancaster, flute; Vasko Dukovski, clarinet; James Rogers, trombone; Stephen Gosling, piano; Esther Noh, violin; John Popham, cello; Richard Carrick, Conductor; Contempo; Edward Gilmore, clarinet; Sharon Polifrone, violin; Theresa Fream, violin; Keith Conant, viola; Kim Scholes, cello; Parnassus; Keith Underwood, flute; Alan R. Kay, clarinet; Christopher Oldfather, piano; James Preiss, percussion; Cyrus Stevens, violin; Christopher Finckel, cello; Anthony Korf, Conductor play
Paul Freeman IntroducesÂ… String Concertos William Neil Czech National Symphony Orchestra; Sharon Polifrone, violin; Paul Silverthorne, viola; Milos Jahoda, cello; Paul Freeman, Music Director play
Shulamit Ran: Chamber Works Shulamit Ran Sharon Polifrone, violin; Edward Gilmore, clarinet; Contemporary Chamber Players of the University of Chicago; Jennie Wagner, violin; Tom Hall, violin; Sharon Polifrone, viola; Barbara Haffner, cello; David Schrader, piano; Cliff Colnot, Conductor; Abraham Stokman, piano; Judith Nicosia, soprano; Alan Feinberg, piano; Laura Flax, clarinet; Members of the Da Capo Chamber Players; André Emelianoff, cello play
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