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Donald Sur
Collage New Music Performs Donald Sur

Martin Boykan
Music of Martin Boykan

Yehudi Wyner
Yehudi Wyner: On This Most Voluptuous Night
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Collage New Music Performs Donald Sur Donald Sur Neil Deland, horn; Craig McNutt, percussion; Kevin Owen, horn; Jim Orleans, bass; Frank Epstein, Conductor; William Buonocore, mandolin; David Hoose, Conductor; Anne Black, viola; Frank Epstein, percussion; Collage New Music; Catherine French, violin; Christopher Krueger, flute; Bruce Creditor, clarinet; Christopher Oldfather, piano; Ann Hobson Pilot, harp; Jim Pelosa, narrator; Joel Moerschel, cello; Robert Annis, bass clarinet play
Music of Martin Boykan Martin Boykan Jane Bryden, soprano; Sally Pinkas, piano; The Brandeis Contemporary Chamber Players; James Orleans, bass; Nancy Cirillo, violin; Christopher Krueger, flute; William Wrzesien, clarinet; Rhonda Rider, cello; David Hoose, Conductor; Lydian String Quartet; Daniel Stepner, violin; Judith Eissenberg, violin; Mary Ruth Ray, viola; James Maddalena, baritone; Virginia Crumb, harp play
Songs of Innocence Dominick Argento Christopher Krueger, flute; Thomas Stumpf, piano; David Martins, clarinet; C. Thomas Brooks, Conductor; John Bumstead, cello; Anne Black, violin; Jane Harrison, oboe; Ellen Michaud-Martins, horn; Thomas Stumpf, harpsichord; Jean Danton, soprano play
Yehudi Wyner: On This Most Voluptuous Night Yehudi Wyner Mary Ruth Ray, viola; Jean Rife, horn; Judith Eissenberg, violin; Daniel Stepner, violin; Rhonda Rider, cello; Dominique Labelle, soprano; Christopher Krueger, flute; Lydian String Quartet; Yehudi Wyner, piano play
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