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Ilya Levinson, arr.
As Dreams Fall Apart

Gustav Pick
Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano

Erich Kästner, Lyricist
Jewish Cabaret in Exile
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As Dreams Fall Apart Ilya Levinson, arr. New Budapest Orpheum Society; Iordanka Kissiova, violin; Don Stille, accordion; Ilya Levinson, piano; Mark Sonksen, bass; Danny Howard, percussion; Stewart Figa, baritone; Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano; Philip Boulman, narrator play
Dancing on the Edge of a Volcano Jewish Cabaret Popular and Political Songs 1900-1945 Gustav Pick Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano; Elizabeth Ko, flute; Stewart Miller, bass; Stewart Figa, baritone; Deborah Bard, soprano; Peter Blagoev, violin; Hank Tausend, percussion; Jon Steinhagen; Ilya Levinson, piano; New Budapest Orpheum Society play
Jewish Cabaret in Exile Erich Kästner, Lyricist Stewart Miller, bass; Ilya Levinson, piano; Iordanka Kissiova, violin; Hank Tausend, drums; New Budapest Orpheum Society; Julia Bentley, mezzo-soprano; Stewart Figa, baritone play
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