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Cowell: Homage to Iran/3 Quartets Henry Cowell Leopold Avakian, violin; Basil Bahar, Persian Drum; Mitchell Andrews, piano; Gerald Tarack, violin; Bruce Rogers, cello; Jacob Glick, viola; The Beaux-Arts String Quartet; Alan Martin, violin play
Hall Overton/Ezra Laderman: String Quartets Ezra Laderman Alan Martin, violin; Joseph Tekula, cello; The Beaux-Arts String Quartet; Carl Eberl, viola; Gerald Tarack, violin play
Perle/Bassett: Chamber Works George Perle Gerald Tarack, violin; Jules Eskin, cello; The Beaux-Arts String Quartet; Jorge Mester, viola; Alan Martin, violin; Walter Trampler, viola; Charles Russo, clarinet; Douglas Nordli, piano play
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