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Donald Martino
Donald Martino: Notturno

Eric Moe
Eric Moe: Up & At 'Em

John Harbison
John Harbison: The Flight Into Egypt

Eric Moe
Kicking and Screaming: Music of Eric Moe

Preston Trombly
Music for Flute and Percussion

Otto Luening
Tribute to Otto Luening
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Donald Martino: Notturno Donald Martino Tara Helen O'Connor, alto flute; Tara Helen O'Connor, piccolo; Tara Helen O'Connor, flute; Sunghae Anna Lim, viola; Joshua Gordon, cello; Margaret Kampmeier, piano; Sunghae Anna Lim, violin; Rachel Rudich, flute; Bradley Lubman, Conductor; John Ferrari, percussion; Marianne Gythfeldt, bass clarinet; Marianne Gythfeldt, clarinet; New Millennium Ensemble play
Eric Moe: Up & At 'Em Eric Moe Jayn Rosenfeld, piccolo; Lois Martin, viola; David Russell, cello; Rachel Rudich, alto flute; Marcia Butler, English horn; Karen Rosenak, piano; Tim Smith, bass clarinet; Eric Moe, piano; Peter Josheff, bass clarinet; William Purvis, Conductor; James Winn, piano; Rolf Schulte, violin; electroacoustic; J. Karla Lemon, Conductor; Janet Kutulas, flute; Peter Josheff, clarinet; Roger Zahab, violin; Jean Kopperud, clarinet; Jayn Rosenfeld, flute play
John Harbison: The Flight Into Egypt John Harbison Andre Previn, Conductor; Boyde Hood, trumpet; Norman Pearson, tuba; Barry Gold, cello; David Howard, clarinet; Rachel Rudich, flute; Elizabeth Baker, violin; Bryan Pezzone, piano; Robert Watt, horn; Rob Roy McGregor, trumpet; John Harbison, Conductor; Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra; Jeffrey Reynolds, bass trombone; Ralph Sauer, trombone; Byron Peebles, trombone; David Hoose, Conductor; Janice Felty, mezzo-soprano; Sanford Sylvan, baritone; Roberta Anderson, soprano; Thomas Stevens, trumpet; Los Angeles Philharmonic New Music Group; Cantata Singers and Ensemble; William Lane, horn; Donald Green, trumpet; Jerry Folsom, horn; Carol Drake, horn play
Kicking and Screaming: Music of Eric Moe Eric Moe Speculum Musicae; Donald Palma, Conductor; Eric Moe, piano; Eric Moe, keyboard sampler; Rachel Rudich, flute; Aleck Karis, piano play
Mel Powell: Five Decades of Music Mel Powell Lorna Edner, piano; Allan Vogel, oboe; Susan Allen, harp; Julie Feves, bassoon; Anne-Lise Berntsen, voice; Roy Poper, trumpet; Rachel Rudich, flute; William Powell, clarinet; Mark Menzies, violin; Mel Powell, electronic realization play
Music for Flute and Percussion Preston Trombly Salvatore Macchia, double bass; Kory Grossman, percussion; Rachel Rudich, flute; Salvatore Macchia, bass; William Trigg, percussion play
Tribute to Otto Luening Otto Luening Eleanor Lawrence, flute; Eleanor Lawrence, piccolo; Paige Brook, alto flute; Paige Brook, flute; Paige Brook, piccolo; Florence Nelson, flute; Peggy Schecter, flute; John Solum, flute; John Heiss, flute; New York Flute Club; Rachel Rudich, flute; Susan Deaver, alto flute; Peter Ader, piccolo; Polly Meyerding, piccolo; Russell Dedrick, flute; Mary Schmidt, flute; Lisa Johnson, flute; Kathleen Nester, flute; Rheva Kaplan, flute; Peter Bacchus, flute; Wendy Rolfe, alto flute; Rie Schmidt, flute; Harvey Sollberger, Conductor; Sue Ann Kahn, flute; John Wion, flute; Carol Wincenc, flute; Gerardo Levy, flute; Harold Jones, flute; Marcia Butler, oboe play
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