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John Latouche
Bob Nell - Why I Like Coffee

Juan Tizol
Earl Hines Plays Duke Ellington

Leonard Bernstein
Leonard Bernstein: Candide (Opera House)

Luckey Roberts
Love and the Dickens

William Bolcom
Serious Fun!
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Bob Nell - Why I Like Coffee John Latouche Jack Walrath, trumpet; Brad Edwards, drums; Ray Anderson, trombone; Bob Nell, piano; Kelly Roberty, bass play
Earl Hines Plays Duke Ellington Juan Tizol Earl Hines, piano play
Leonard Bernstein: Candide (Opera House) Leonard Bernstein Maria Donaldi, voice, "Rosary Vendor/Altar Boy"; John Mauceri, Conductor; Scott Reeve, bass-baritone, "Maximilian"; James Billings, baritone, "Judge/First Gambler"; David Eisler, tenor, "Candide"; Jack Harrold, tenor, "Grand Inquisitor/Pasha-Prefect"; John Lankston, tenor, "Voltaire/Dr. Pangloss/Businessman/Governor/Second Gambler"; Maris Clement, mezzo-soprano, "Paquette"; Joyce Castle, mezzo-soprano, "Old Lady"; Ralph Bassett, voice, "Don"; Erie Mills, soprano, "Cunegonde"; William Ledbetter, voice, "Second Inquisitioner/Don/Judge"; Don Yule, voice, "First Inquisitioner/Don/Judge"; Rhoda Butler, voice, "Second Woman/Pink Sheep"; Ivy Austin, voice, "First Woman/Pink Sheep"; Robert Brubaker, voice, "Man/Lion"; New York City Opera Chorus and Orchestra play
Love and the Dickens Luckey Roberts John Muriello, baritone; Richard Pearson Thomas, piano play
Serious Fun! William Bolcom William Bolcom, piano; Jody Applebaum, soprano play
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