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Fist Through Traffic Charles Griffin Columbus State University Percussion Ensemble; Paul Vaillancourt, director; Christopher Dye, percussion; John Phillips, percussion; Justin Baker, percussion; Jeremy Stuckey, percussion; Steven Smith, percussion; Daniel Bowden, percussion; Amy Griffiths, saxophone play
The Opium War Zeena Parkins Lisa Vidal, voice, "Mariana"; Joe Trump, percussion; Zeena Parkins, electric harp; Ikue Mori, drum machine; Ruth Maleczech, voice, "Amailia"; Linda Chapman, director; Chris Cochrane, guitar; Jonathan Bepler, voice; K.J. Sanchez, voice, "Mariana"; David Shea, turntables; D.J. Olive, turntables; Jeff Webster, voice, "Manuel"; D.D. Dorveillier, voice; Lola Pashalinski, voice, "Dr. Stein"; Margaret Parkins, cello; Tenko, voice; Zeena Parkins, sampler; Chris Cochrane, voice; J. Ed Arazia, voice, "Louie"; Mary Shultz, voice, "Evelyn Harding" play
Wir Weben, Wir Weben for String Sextet Martin Bresnick Musical Elements; Peter Sacco, violin; Syoko Aki, violin; Marshall Coid, violin; Lois Martin, viola; Christopher Finckel, cello; Dennis Masuzzo, bass; Robert Beaser, director; Daniel Asia, Conductor play
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