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Henry Brant
Music of Henry Brant
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Music from Bennington Henry Brant Bennington String Ensemble; Phyllis Martin Pearson, vibraphone; Frank S. Baker, speaker; Gunnar Schonbeck, clarinet; Louis Calabro, chimes; Phyllis Martin Pearson, piano; Henry Brant, organ; Eastman Brass Ensemble; Catherine Satterlee, mezzo-soprano; Jacob Glick, viola; Bennington Choral Ensemble; Lionel Nowak, Conductor; Louis Calabro, timpani; Louis Calabro, Conductor; Vivian Fine, Conductor; Marianne Finckel, harpsichord play
Music of Henry Brant Henry Brant Jacob Glick, viola; Thomas Nee, Conductor; La Jolla Chorus; Henry Brant, Conductor; Phyllis Martin Pearson, piano; Phyllis Martin Pearson, vibraphone; Louis Calabro, timpani; Marianne Finckel, harpsichord; Catherine Satterlee, mezzo-soprano; Henry Brant, organ; Louis Calabro, chimes; La Jolla Symphony; David Chase, Conductor; Amy Snyder, Conductor; Gerhard Samuel, Conductor; Amy Snyder, voice; Bay Bones Trombone Choir play
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