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title composer artists/ensemble play
7PTPC George Crevoshay Terry Jennings, saxophone; ONCE Chamber Ensemble; Larry Leitch, celesta; George Crevoshay, piano play
Megaton For Wm. Burroughs with the ONCE group Gordon Mumma Gordon Mumma, electronics play
Time on Time in Miracles George Cacioppo Robert Ashley, Conductor; Philip Corner, bass trombone; Jack Brooks, cello; Peggy Ericson, soprano; Richard Reynolds, French horn; Larry Leitch, piano; Gordon Mumma, French horn; ONCE Chamber Ensemble; Russell Peck, tenor trombone; Max Neuhaus, percussion play
Track David Behrman ONCE Chamber Ensemble play
Wedge Roger Reynolds Robert Pozar, percussion; Francea Whitcomb, flute; Karen Hill, flute; Bob James, piano; Ron Bell, trumpet; Donald Green, trombone; Daniel Levine, double bass; David Maves, percussion; Stanley Towers, tuba; David Sutherland, Conductor; ONCE Chamber Ensemble; Barney Pearson, trumpet play
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