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Michael Kowalski
Michael Kowalski: Gringo Blaster

David Heinick
The Snell Sessions
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Michael Kowalski: Gringo Blaster Michael Kowalski Christopher Creviston, tenor saxophone; Stephen Thomas, piano; David L. Walker, percussion; David May, vibraphone; Jeffrey T. Rolka, alto saxophone; Scott Parkman, Conductor; Andy Drelles, woodwinds; Paul Harkins, xylophone; University of Michigan Percussion Ensemble; James Culley, voice; Russel Burge, percussion; Paul Harkins, glockenspiel; Clifton Smith, percussion; Colin Stetson, soprano saxophone; Paul Harkins, percussion; Mark Holen, latin drums; Michael Udow, congas; Timothy McAllister, baritone saxophone; Percussion Group Cincinnati; Michael Kowalski, piano; David May, percussion; Allen Otte, percussion; Jim Staley, trombone; John Fonville, flute; Michael Udow, director; Michael Kowalski, keyboard; Jeanine Sefton, marimba; James Culley, percussion play
The Snell Sessions David Heinick Christopher Creviston, saxophone; Hannah Gruber, piano play
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